1 June, it is a holiday here in Denmark so I am sitting outside, on a beautiful Monday morning with a fresh cup of coffee, just enjoying life as it slowly passes by, but before hand I took a quick peek at my schedule for Tuesday, got my knives and file sharpened, shoes loaded in the van and already to hit the road tomorrow. I have always believed in the “6 Ps” ; Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Have lived by these all my life and so far things have worked out fairly well – considering “Murphy” is always with us,

Life on the golf course this year has been very trying to say the least. It has proved to me I should have been a cook because I could slice bread real well! Those of you looking as this, raising an eyebrow wondering – I can’t hit a tee shot worth a plugged nickel, my slice is so bad sometimes I think it will come back around a hit me in the back of my head. Yesterday, after the first hole I knew I wasn’t going to need a score card to keep track of my game. I scored a whole 4 points on the first nine, 7 points on the last. I have never played so bad. Last year I was hitting great, I worked my handicap down real well last year, now this year is is going the other way and I can’t figure out why. I was playing last Friday with a usual partner, Kurt. At hole 10 he asked if I minded if he gave me some advice and proceeded to give it. I told him I have no idea what is going on so any advice he can give will be welcome. I absorbed what he told me. The next tee shot was a 300 meter shot – 100 meters out, 100 meter up, 100 meter down, but at least it was straight. I get to the next hole, wham, it was straight with good length. Then came the slice, but it wasn’t so bad. Sunday before our round I hit the driving range giving Kurt’s advice a try, once again slicing my way through the balls. As I said the round yesterday was bad, tee shots were bad, thus my attitude got bad, which lead to lack of focus, which lead to bad shots. Finally at hole 12 I am ready to tee off and I just told myself, “I don’t care” (which I really didn’t). I just came up, lined up, not taking any time to focus on the shot and wham, I hit a perfect shot. The next hole was a par 3, next was a par 4, so again I just went up, taking no time, no focus and whacked that white ball – it was a fantastic shot. The rest of the course, using my driver I did fairly good. I have come to conclude maybe I am over thinking it, over doing it to do good. I need to just relax and hit the ball. I was going to play today, but decided not to, just to stay home and relax. Tuesday. I have a regional golf match, so hopefully I can just relax and enjoy the game again.

Well the powers to be decided the China virus was a fail in getting President Trump out of office, so now another tactic is in play, organized civil violence. Reading reports, many of those arrested are not residents of the areas effected, and this makes sense. Why would normal, rational people burn and destroy their own areas? I bet many of the smaller shop owners will never come back to business after this, and it is really sad to see. Yes. there is problems with some police officers who abuse their power, but this is only human, look how many of our elected officials abuse their power. It is not confined to anyone group. When the video came out, most people were horrified, shocked at what happened. If people had come out with peaceful protest, they would find most civil Americans would fully support them, but burning, looting, beating up people – this was no reason for these type of actions, unless there is a subversive motive- and like Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House CoS said, “Never let a crises go to waste”. According to Emanuel, it’s not about managing a crisis—it’s about using that crisis to advance your agenda. I can guess there are those out there who have their “own agendas” and it doesn’t include the best welfare for America. Money and Power are the two things which drive many, and this is not the first time we have seen the masses stirred up to riot and destroy. Remember the last Presidential election. The biggest word and idea has been forgotten – RESPECT. Once people come back to the values our Nation was founded on and begin to once again respect each other, remembering diversity is what has made our nation great. Slowly over the years I have see our values eroded. I remember a time when prayer was part of our society, that has been taken away. One of the bases of our laws was the ten commandments, ten basic laws to live by, but this has been dictated as taboo. Soon we found the family unit was beginning to be eroded. In a speech by Ronald Reagan delivered before the Orange County Press Club in 1961, and entitled “Encroaching Control”, he alleged that, “Three months before his last visit to this country, Nikita Khrushchev said, ‘We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have Communism.’” Is this what we are seeing now, the slow and planned take down of our society? If you want take the time, look out what freedoms we had a hundred years ago and what we got now. Slowly our freedoms and society are being torn down and replaced with what? No matter if I am right or wrong, that is not my purpose. My purpose is to make you stop and think for yourself. Do your own research, decided for yourself what is right or wrong. Have you ever read our Constitution? If not do so. If you really want to do some good research, start at the website of Hillsdale College (https://online.hillsdale.edu/#home). They have some very good FREE online courses, even one about the Constitution. Make up your own mind, and in the end, remember RESPECT for other’s opinions is a must, but this doesn’t mean you should let them run over you.

2020, A Different Year

What a way to begin a year! Lots of people working at home, or laid off. Most of us are wondering how long this will be, and how much can we trust what we hear. Once my Dad told me, “Believe nothing you hear and half what you see and you will be alright”. Like I told my wife, I am skeptical of what all I hear, yet on the other hand I am not going to put my head on the chopping block and see if the hatchet man can miss. I take the normal precautions while I work, am out and around, yet I realize if I get it, I will get it. Not losing any sleep over it. I have looked at the positive side of the situation.
With more people sent home to work, school out, some laid off, look at the chance to have more quality family time! In the day and age of everyone going everywhere all the time, now things have been forced to slow down and be together. What a great thing. Why not make this time quality time. Think of all the things you can do with your family, the things you can teach your kids. And just some time to sit back with a cup of coffee first in the morning and listen to the birds sing. This is the best part of a spring morning. Even though there was a cool wind blowing, I sat outside this morning for the first time this year with a cup of coffee and just watched the morning, it was great!
Speaking of the situation, I just wonder in trying to save the limb, we are killing the patient? I understand the Chinese virus is something new, we need to take precautions, but in many cases is it over kill, killing our nation (the patient)? So many states have shut down when there is no real crises – many of the areas where there is low population. Many of these places, why haven’t the State governments come in and said to industry, “Come up with a plan so you can stay within limits of contact and such so you can get back to work”. So many small businesses will not be here after this is done. So many people are out of work right now, many who could be working?
This bail out Congress came up with is like putting a band-aid on an amputated limb. Giving businesses money to pay employees, is the same. Businesses are not employment centers, they are there to make money. Yes, for a little while it will help pay the on going bills, but sooner or later, that band-aid is going to get blood soaked. The bill Congress passed had so much pork barrel spending in it, it was pathetic. Everyone who voted for the bail out should be voted out of office. Where is all the money coming from – sooner or later we the people will have to pay it back. In the mean time, the money printing machines are rolling full speed, printing almost worthless money. When I was a kid, my Dad once told me, “There will come a day when you will need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread”. So how does Congress usually finance this? They sell bonds, but what happens when no one wants to buy these bonds? Well our government buys them back. In other words, we are getting debt stacked on debt. I just read where the U.S. Treasury is thinking about coming out with a 50 yr bond, first time ever. There is also talk of zero or negative interest rates in the States. What this means is if we get negative interest rates, you the saver will get to pay the banks for the privilege of keeping your money. At the low rates now, at least you are not losing money, but this could turn around if negative rates come to the States.
We are now into May and things are beginning to loosen up a bit. I wonder if instead of locking everyone down, why didn’t they treat us like responsible people. Lay out the facts of the situation, tell us what we needed to do and let us carry on with our lives the way we see fit. I know business owners are not dumb, they would have found ways to make things work. What I can’t figure out is why it is safe to go to the big chain stores to shop, yet we can not be trusted to go to the park, the beach. Let some of the small business owners come up with their on solutions. Yes, people are going to die, this is one of the three facts of life which are: be born, pay taxes, and die. We have learned we need to take precautions for the older generations, those who have medical problems and such, but hey, let’s get real.
Actually, in a way I have found a bright side. Many churches have developed an online service. The Cloverdale Church of God uploads their services so their members can watch and listen. This is great for me, as the time difference I get to listen to the services on Monday mornings on my way to work. Tom, the pastor told my brother, who e-mailed me, let me know that even after this is over, they will continue to post their services online. So, I guess God does work in wonderful ways.
I guess no matter they situation we can be thankful for what we got, instead what do don’t have.


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” We all recognize this from the creation story in the Bible, Genius 1: 1,2. I grew up in the church and learned this from the time I was a very small boy and today my faith is set fast in God, knowing there is something greater than me and some over all purpose for my life, if I choose to listen and follow Him. I remember when a timeline could be set to aging the world and mankind from the Bible: then came the dinosaurs, and how did the Bible explain them?
I have been watching a great couple channels on the boob tube, Discovery and National Geographic. They are fantastic because they present the facts as the researchers have presented them. There are no political debates or sides taken on these programs as far as I have seen. They have shows both on the Bible and those finding things described in the Bible and those who believe strictly in science – letting you make the decision of what to believe.
For me it is very interesting to listen to how science presents the universe and how the worlds began, much of it makes sense as they present it. I am always fascinated by the “big bang” theory and how it explains formation of the universe, stars, worlds and such, but where did it come from? What caused the “big band”? Every program I’ve seen and reading I have done, science cannot explain it or how it happened, it just happened from nothing.
Then it gets into the formation of life. How did life form? Where did it come from? In the programs I’ve seen some say maybe the right things were carried here from comets or such, forming in the oceans and somehow it became alive. Try as they may science and technology cannot create life. Try as they may they have failed. They have tried getting all the right chemicals, elements or whatever together, but nothing happens. The one conclusion I’ve come up with is the more and more science tries to explain the beginning of the universe and life, the more they prove the existence of God.
Sometimes I think we believers get too wrapped around the axle of time. The human concept of time is very limited. It is a proven fact the earth is millions and millions of years old. I also think we tend to put God in our small box of thinking and time, when really there is no concrete explanation of how God created the heavens and earth, just that He did! Maybe He did set things in motion and it took billions of years to happen, yet He did create it and start it in motion. In Sunday school I learned God created everything in seven days. Well I always thought He did this in a week (wow, He really worked some over time). But as I grew up and began to expand my mind and knowledge I then ask myself: what is time, what is a week, what is a day, how long are they really? How do we accept the things we believe but have no proof of?
Hebrews 11:1King James Version (KJV) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This is where we Christians live and the root of our faith. If it wasn’t for faith and believing in the Higher Beings of the Trinity, then I’d be lost, probably like many of you.
So the next time you get into a discussion with an evolutionist or scientist let them have their say then ask them how life began. Listen to them and then ask them where the spark of life comes from – to me “it just happened” is no answer – same with the “Big Band”. To me neither just happened, Someone caused it to happen, thus they are proving the existence of God.


In a few days it will be 6 June. Why is it special? – all the military types know and many civilians as well – Operation Overlord, the invasion of Europe.
A few years ago I was privileged to do a Battle Staff Ride to the Normandy Beaches. About a month before going each of us were assigned a unit to research and their part in the battle, drew the 121st Engineers. On the ride over on the bus we watched “The Longest Day”. The next morning we were standing on Omaha beach at day break, I was not prepared for the feelings I felt.
I was standing at the low water mark and looked up the beach. It was almost flat with the dunes and banks rising high above it. My first thought was, “My God, how did these guys have the guts to cross this killing field?” As I slowly walked towards the high ground I began to look: to my left was a firing bunker, but the firing ports weren’t straight forward it was at a 45 degree angle. I looked to my right and saw another one mirroring the effect – then it hit me = interlocking, grazing fire made to kill anything in range! How anyone survived I’ll never know. As I slowly went up, the slit trenches were still there and behind were the mortars. Placed along the beaches were some bigger gun emplacements as well. I learned on the beaches, aiming stakes had been set so the mortar men, machine gunners knew exactly what their ranges were. The entire beach was dialed in. I don’t have to explain the meaning of this to any of my Grunt Brothers, I know the hair on the backs of their necks will rise just thinking of this. The soldiers landed and got bogged down, but then they broke through and we know the rest. You can read this but unless you have walked that battle field you will never understand (unless you’ve been under fire as well).
Once they secured the beached then they got funneled into killing fields of fire again when trying to breach the hedge rows. It was a killer. Walking the roads, seeing the actual remains of foxholes still there, I have no words. The average age of WWII soldiers was 26, so maybe this helped them “suck it up”, draw from within and drive on. They knew they would die, but someone had to.
I have no doubt about the will and intestinal fortitude of our soldiers today, I’ve seen what they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan if let along to do the jobs they are trained to do and not restrained by our political leaders who sit on their soft chairs thousands of miles away.
Sometimes I look at our systems and think we got it all wrong. Our leaders should be military and they should be right out in front leading the men into battle. War has gotten too far away. Yea we think it is something when a guy can sit behind a joy stick in the western U.S. and kill bad guys half away around the world. I wonder how politics would be if war was once again close up and personal? If our elected officials were also required to be out front – There would be no need of term limits for Congressmen then, most would pull out in a flash.
Anyway I want to salute all my Brother Grunts who led the charge across those flat sands into the certain death many received. As I walked the green grass dotted with white stone in the cemetery above the beaches I could only look and read names.
The table is set and I raise my glass – SALUTE!


Basically what Thomas Jefferson said was: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” This is so true today. All a person has to do is stop and take an objective look at our government, who’s running it and how the people are being treated then you will understand what road we are headed down. A good example is Obama Care: if it was really good and the original backers (not necessarily Congressmen) had the good intensions of the people truly in mind would they have given the IRS the power to fine people for not taking it? This is a good example of tyranny. Let’s not forget the promises the president made which held water about as good as a sieve. Let’s not forget all the Congressmen who never read the bill but passed it anyway – we know they cared about us.
The Republican Party got a taste of the people’s meaning during this year’s primary election – for a change an outsider (non politician) got the nomination. The people spoke and those of the “Establishment” are a little set back. At first they thought it was a joke, but then Trump’s campaign began to gather speed – why? Because for a change he was telling people what they wanted to hear, not the same old campaign nose blowing, double talk we’ve heard from all the rest. Donald Trump came out and spoke to the American people like an American. He wasn’t politically correct and he didn’t care who he offended. The only way he could do this was he had his own money. The “Establishment” couldn’t buy him. For once the “Establishment” was set on its heels, and by one of its own!
Let me explain what I mean by “establishment”, referred from now on as they, them, those guys or just main stream politicians. They are the party favorites. For example look at the Bush family: they’ve been in politics for ever. They’ve got the power, money and backing of those we don’t see – the real power and those who are really running our country. They don’t necessarily need to be in politics to run politics – look at George Soros for example. One of the wealthiest guys on earth. He’s got fingers into almost every part of our government. Who runs the Federal Reserve? Don’t let the name fool you. The Fed is made up of private individuals, banker if you will. They’ve got vast wealth and holdings and have great influence on how our country is run, and the world for that matter, you don’t believe me – just look it up. Anyway now you get the idea. You think this is some tin foil had idea? No, just look around, use your head, stop and think. The Establishment wants us to think so!
So along comes Trump, who ran in those circles because his position in life, but he got tired of what was happening, so he decided to do something – like run for president. Remember this man has never held a political office and until a while back never intended to do so. He is a business man, use to making money. Yes he’s lost money, had setbacks, but he has arisen past those and made it. He has used every method he could to get there, no different than most of his fellow establishment giants who’ve made it to the top, but now Trump has gone rouge and his buddies are out to get him because he know the ropes, how to play the game, how to beat the system and this scares them because at the end of the day he says he’s going to put stoppers in those holes and seal the cracks. This will affect their bottom line and they don’t like it, but the average Joe on the street likes it very much. For once there is hope again that maybe our government can be taken back and give the people some say in what goes on.
Am I saying Trump will make the best president – who knows? I do know if anyone can he has the best chance. As he has stated in taxes for examples: he’s used all the loop holes he could and if anyone knows how and what to close them he does. Guess who doesn’t want this to happen? Yep his old friends in the Establishment! And if you can’t see Hillary Clinton is in the Establishment, then you have been living under a mushroom too long. You know he didn’t have to do this. He didn’t have to have his whole life picked apart, mud thrown in his face, his family attacked. He’s faced the full brunt not only of the opposition party but that of his own party as well – why? Because the Establishment doesn’t want him there, his is screwing up their game plan, a monkey wrench in their money making and power procedures.
We can question Trump, talk about what he stands for, but one thing we cannot attack his political career because he has none. He’s had his ups and downs in business life, but that is business. One thing I do see, as a successful business man he has been able to surround himself with people he can trust with the responsibility given them and this is the biggest thing he’s got going for himself, besides the fact he has been able to stand up and take responsibility for his actions, good or bad.
People say we are in big trouble, well yes we are, but who is to blame? We, The People are partly to blame. We elected our officials, many times with no knowledge of what they stand for or what they do. Then we re-elect these people time and again only so they can rape and plunder our resources. We’ve got a good chance to move forward right now, but we mustn’t screw away this chance. So many people wish for a third party candidate to get in, well in a way we got him. The Democrats hate him, the Republicans hate him, what more do you want? Trump was smart enough to know if he ran as a third party he would never get there, so he joined the Republicans. He already knew the Democratic ticket was fixed by the establishment.
You want to help America to start climbing out of the hole? You may not like him. He never said he was a choir boy and he never lived his life as such, but since he’s been running, he’s put Americans, the Constitution and our well being up front. Will he deliver? Good question and this also depends on how much help he gets from Congress. I say give the businessman a chance – it can’t be worse off than we already are!


A post on Face Book today got me to thinking of the past:
I grew up on a farm west of Caldwell, Idaho. There were four of us, my brother, Dad, Mom and I. When I was just a small boy my father explained to me in order for the farm to work every one must do their fair share. So I learned what my fair share was.
Every morning I got up, made my bed, got ready for school or if none school day got ready for whatever there was to do. My daily chores were to feed the chickens, gather the eggs. A couple times a week I had to set the supper table, and another couple days it was my turn to clear the table and help with the dishes. In the summer my brother and I shared mowing the lawn, clipping grass around the bushes and such – this was every week. Along with this we also helped plant, weed the garden and when time came harvest what we’d grown. We usually grew enough vegetables to last the winter. We’d also help pick, prepare and can fruit. Come fall there was always chickens we’d butcher, pluck and put in the freezer. All this along with the things around the farm like fixing fence, cleaning ditch, cleaning chicken house and whatever work was needed around the farm. All of this was done for no pay – as Dad explained it took all of us to do our part. If I wanted money I had to arrange extra work with Dad or Mom.
One Saturday when I was around five years old or so we were in town. I’d seen something in the store I really wanted and ask Dad if I could have it. “Sure”, he said, “What are you going to pay for it with?” I looked at him and said I knew he had money and could pay, he then replied, “I don’t want it, why should I pay?” He then finished with, “If you want money we can arrange extra work you can do to earn money, nothing is for free.” So I started to earn money. Dad divided up the farm in two and my brother got half and I got half to trap gophers. He paid us twenty five cents a tail. We each had an old band-aid can in the freezer we’d put our tails in. Every so often Dad would take them to the irrigation district and collect the money for them, which we received. Cutting thistles out of the pastures was also another job we got paid for, along with other jobs we’d arrange. In 1963 we took summer trip to Disney Land in California – and I had my own spending money! As we began the trip there were so many things I wanted to buy, and I remember Dad saying to me: “It’s your money to spend how you like, but remember when it’s gone there’s no more.” This would make me think and I learned how to make my money last for the entire trip.
After we sold the farm and moved to Greenleaf I did odd jobs to make money: mowing lawns, cleaning ditch(shovel in hand), I worked on a crew training hops (was the only white kid on a crew of Mexicans), pulled weeds out of mint fields for Cecil Benford, cleaned chicken houses for Mr. Harris and worked in his orchard, irrigated fields for Chet Harris, milked cows for different ones while they were on vacation and so many more. The summer I was 15yrs old, Mom, Dad, my brother were all working “real jobs”, so my main job around the house was cooking supper which was not a paying job, but Mom said, “Someday you will appreciate knowing how to cook.” As usual she was right.
When my brother and I got our driver’s license, Dad got another family car and gave the old ’61 Chevy Impala to us. He said he’d keep the insurance in his name but we had to pay it. We also had to buy the gas, oil, tires and service. If we didn’t have enough money for up keep we weren’t to come to him for money, the car could just set – that’s the way it was. Soon my brother bought himself a pickup and I got myself a ’69 Camero. Never did we ever ask Dad for money.
The year I was in 5th grade I attended Washington school in Caldwell, Idaho. One day during our noon break I was out on the playing field with a few other boys I hung around with. One of the guys looked at me and ask, “How much allowance do you get from your Dad and Mom?” I looked at him, “What’s an allowance?” He said, “You know, the money you get every week for making your bed, cleaning your room or just spending money from your parents?” I proceeded to tell him and the others I got no allowance. All that stuff was my responsibility and if I didn’t do it, well Dad had a punishment for that. I also explained all the work I had to do as it was my fair share, and if I wanted money I had to arrange other work to do. They all looked at me with strange looks shaking their heads in disbelief. Each of the other boys stated they all got an allowance.
A few years ago it was like getting hit in the head with a brick – I now understand who’s running our Government – it’s all those kids who never had to work and received other people’s money for something they never did.


Mr. Trump, what are you doing? I hope you will begin to stop and think a bit before you speak or answer questions. This isn’t the primary now, you are the top dog and right now you are throwing it away.
We the people voted for you over all the main stream politicians because we were sick and tired of them and their ways. We were tired of big money deciding who was going to be president. We don’t want political correctness expressed by the party line candidates. We’re tired of those who have failed to act for “We the People” and instead take money, line their pockets and forget who they reprerent. We gave the Republicans all the power both in the Senate and House, but they screwed up and wasted away everything we gave them, so now we gave them a statement: We no longer trust them and we want someone who’s not a career politician for President. We want a business man who will speak his mind, who knows a bit about finance, how to run a business, how to choose people to help him lead and this man was you! We understood you were a street fighter, one who wasn’t afraid to confront people, put the press in their place. One who was going to dish it out. We knew Phase I was going to battle those others of the party to get the one position, but now we are in a different Phase of the game and this phase is played a little different. But you haven’t changed your game to match the phase. I’m not a politician, I’m just an average Joe, one of the people who wants to vote for you, but right now you’re making things tough.
In my opinion, and the opinion of many other “Average Joes” I’ve communicated with, things need to change a bit, you need to adjust your battle plan for the every changing battle field. I was a Sergeant Major (SGM) in the Army Reserve and I was use to advising an officer/commander on affairs and being able to gauge the feeling of troops, so now I’m going to treat you as a Commander:
There are no rules to this game and I can guarantee Hillary and her staff have looked at you with a microscope and found all your weaknesses. You got to look at this like it is war(which it is). They know your biggest weakness is you think on your feet and say what come to mind first. Now, you need to take that 5-10 pause before answering or speaking your mind and ask: Am I getting set up? Is this a blind side punch? Attacking a Gold Star family, by now you know was a mistake – and I can assure you it was a setup just for you. What he said and the way he said I’m guessing was carefully laid out and designed to make you stumble. You got to watch out for these landmines because there are going to be many more. Case in point – was the crying baby in the crowd a plant or was it just a circumstance? No one will remember your first remarks that babies are fine, what the press(and you know they hate you) will stress is your statement of getting it out of there, even it was in a joking manner. This is the reason during this phase of the battle you need to think a bit before saying something.
Clinton and crew are cunning and will use everything against you, but you need to keep the focus of this battle field on her and what she is and represents. She couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended upon it. Even in the last interview she had to lie and everyone saw it. Remember you have to convince a bunch of Democrats to vote for you as well as Republicans. It don’t surprise me the heads of the Republican party won’t support you, after all they are bought and paid for. Plus they’re going to lose a lot of power and money when you get elected. We all knew this would happen – so it will pan out in the end. Also on this subject, if I were you, I wouldn’t come out and say you won’t support them in their re-election bids, I’d just let them stew a bit in their own soup. You need to keep focused on your battle plan, not theirs. As more and more people come in line with you and the polls begin to show you climbing up, I believe many will have a change of attitude. Let them change not you. What you need to keep in front of the people are Clinton’s fails and faults – where she’s lied and cheated the country. One other thing – your Bible right now should be the Constitution! If I were you, I get a copy and be seen carrying it around. Get a copy for each of your staff and let them be seen with it. There’s a lot of us (Vets) who’ve pledged our lives to “Protect and Defend the Constitution” and for most of us this pledge, even when we get out or retire never ends. You hold the values and words of the Constitution near and dear to your heart you can’t go wrong. Like I said keep your gun sites trained on Clinton, if you don’t you’re going to get in lots of trouble.
There’s a lot of us “Common Joes” out here who voted for you and have faith in you for what you represent, please don’t let us down. After all right now you’re our only hope to have a chance to crawl out of the mess our Country is in. Mr. Trump, like I said, I’m just a retired SGM, not a political savvy guy. I have no idea what your battle plan is nor what your top advisors have planned. What I am doing is what I did as a SGM, just letting you know the over-all feelings of the troops. I just hope you will stop for a minute to read and ponder a little of what I’ve written.
A supporter,
Mikel Dawson, SGM(Ret)


One thing everyone can agree on is this year’s presidential election should be one to remember!
Lots of strife, bickering and division – kind of sounds like things around the time of our civil war. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not predicting anything or pointing any direction. I’m just saying we are a nation greatly divided. But how did we get this way to begin with. I guess the biggest part of the blame needs to go on “WE THE PEOPLE”.
Think about it, in the past, how complacent have people become about voting? When it comes time to exercise one of our most important rights the majority of Americans don’t vote. Along with this so many never do their research into those we elect and blow it off. The other problem is a majority of our politicians have betrayed us for the money, power and thinking only of themselves. Look at the position we are in now for presidential hopefuls.
The Republican party and politicians have let us down. In the past we voted them control of Congress and yet they stepped in bed with the Democrats – no difference between the two and this pissed off the Republican supporters, so what did they finally do? They send a firm and loud message to the main stream Republican party – TRUMP. Donald Trump wasn’t a politician but he got into the race anyway. During the primaries he used his own money, said what he wanted to say, wasn’t politically correct and didn’t care who’s toes he stepped on and the people loved him for it. Finally someone who wasn’t bought by political money and didn’t give a rats a$$. In the beginning no one thought he would last, but soon he picked up momentum – WHY? Because finally someone was listening to the people. When he decided to go on the Republican ticket, the RNC made him sign a letter of loyalty, if he didn’t get chosen he’d support who ever did. Now that is coming back on the RNC because they are failing to support him. I am waiting to see how the Republican convention ends up. If somehow they cheat Trump of what he has earned and the people have chosen, who knows what will happen.
The Democrats on the other hand are a different ball of wax. Democrat politicians are no different than the Republican – they have fail the voters, yet the Democrat supporters keep coming back to the “good old boy” system. They were so afraid to make a change, to send a message to their political leaders, so they just fell in line with the party . That’s how we ended up with a person like Hillary Clinton.
What get me is how a person who has such distain for the military, law and values can be in this position? If I had handled secure/sensitive material they way she has, I’d have face federal charges like others have. Her whole public career has been one big lie. Saying she was named for the first man to climb Mt. Everest (hadn’t been done when she was born), landing under fire in Bosnia in 1996 (if you see the pics and videos, no one is ducking and running), to never having classified material on her private e-mail server. And there is so much more to name it would take a book to list the lot. She claims to stand for women, yet she threatened women to silence who had affairs with her husband. She claimed when they left the White House they were broke, yet they are millionaires now. As lately, she has proven there is one law for the common people and one law for the Clintons. She told the families of 4 men killed in Libya it was caused by a video when she knew it was a lie.
So here we are on one hand we got Trump, an unknown product whom we have no idea which way he will go. On the other hand we have a habituation liar who can’t be trusted.
And to add to the mix, the current president has done more in the past few years to divide our nation than any other, and continues to keep things stirred up. He has fired race violence, torn apart our military leadership, thrown the Constitution under the bus wheels. He’s kept one campaign promise – He said he wanted to change America and he has done that.
After reading this you will think I am a firm conservative, yes I am. But more than that I am a United States Citizen FIRST! Many years ago I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, both foreign and domestic. I have never been relieved of this oath. The only way I and my Brothers/Sisters -in- Arms will be relieved of our oaths is death. I am saddened by the states of disrespect for the law we see today. How our current administration has fuelled this.
When it comes time to cast the vote, I will not vote for a know habitual liar. Do I vote for Trump? Well he’s the unknown factor and we really don’t know what will happen. One thing I do know, it’s about time for WE THE PEOPLE to unite and take back our country. If not, we will go the same way and the Roman Empire.


On the day of my inauguration, on the podium, I’d take the speech written for me by some speech writer, wad it up and throw it away. Then I’d begin by talking directly to the American public. I’d first lay out the fact I’m not politically correct and I will rub some people the wrong way and piss others off. I’d then proceed to tell the public I wasn’t elected to be nice, I was elected to run a country, to lay out a direction it much take. I’d then pull out a copy of our Constitution and let people know this is the document which must drive the direct our country takes. I would also call on the American people for help – to give me line by line veto powers. I’d tell them elections are again coming and if their Senators and Representatives don’t want to play ball, then they will vote them out of office. People want to get finances under control? – then get rid of all the pork barrel spending. But it will take “WE THE PEOPLE” to get it done. Then it would come time for a little open air, wall-to-wall counseling!
My attention would be directed to the leaches of Washington DC, you know – the lobbyists. I would inform them to take their money somewhere else. If they were being directed by foreign interests – get out of town. I would push for a lobbyists free zone – Washington DC! The majority of our Congressmen, after being in office for such a long time should be working for free! They don’t need the health care plans. Do you know there are more millionaires in Congress than any large body of citizens?
Then when the next session of Congress opens, I’ll be there. I ain’t going to wait for the State of the Union. I’m going to look them in the eye and tell them to get off their fat, money stuffed asses and do something – something for the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Stop thinking about money, special interests and start thinking about our nation as a whole. They’d better remember the old saying, “What’s fair for the gander is fair for the goose!”. Congress needs to find their pension is now resting in the hand of the Social Security system they have continued to rob. They will find they are covered by the same insurance system our Armed Services are covered by. And I will call for term limits. No one should have power for as long as many of them have. They’ve forgotten where they came from and who they work for. Where else does a servant make more money, better benefits than the master? Congress is the SERVANT of “WE THE PEOPLE”! Even if I piss them off and they all unite against me, well at least I will have united Congress on something!
Next I’d be for getting rid of the Federal overseeing of our education. This needs to go back to the States. We’ve got too much Federal government peeking over our shoulders, pass more responsibility to where it should be. One thing I would direct to be taught is the Constitution. I would push for everyone in the beginning of their highs school required to know this document – no passing grade, no graduation!
Borders, Language, Culture! These are the things which define a nation. I wish I’d thought of it, but I didn’t, it was a great man called Michael Savage, radio talk show host, author (most recent: Government Zero, No Borders, No Language, No Culture)! You want to immigrate to the States, then you NEED TO LEARN ENGLIGH! Why are we publishing election ballots in different languages? English should be made our national language! There’s nothing wrong with coming and sharing customs from another country, but just remember where you wanted to live, work, study. I would put the border States on notice, they need to be assisting the Border Patrol in securing our borders, get their Nation Guard out and assist. Illegal persons will be immediately sent back. Yea, I know a lot of businesses rely on illegal help, well get it squared away, get them legal, get them seasonal work permits. Get some control over the situation. Again as I see it, it’s mostly the money grubbers behind a lot of what we got now. I have nothing against legal immigration, that’s what the rules and regulations are for. We got enough laws on the books, we just need to start enforcing them! And just because you’re born here while mom and dad are on vacation or whatever, that doesn’t automatically make you a citizen!
The welfare system we got today will no longer be. Yes I admit there are those who really are in need, but then there’s the professional welfare milkers! If you want on welfare, then you will first be required to take a drug test to sign up, then random checks there after. If you fail, you’re gone. Those on welfare will be required to do community service, a minimum of 20hrs a week. You got kids – no problem we got enough people on welfare to open child care. There’s all kinds of jobs to be done in our communities. I learned early in life, if you want to eat, you got to work.
I was in the fifth grade the first time I heard the word “allowance”. I was with a group of boys and one asked me how much allowance I got. I looked surprised and asked what that was. He explained it was the money I received from my parents every week for cleaning up my room, making my bed, chores around the house. I replied, “I don’t get money for things I got to do around the house, those are my responsibility.” The kid looked shocked and asked me how I got my spending money. I said I had to make an arrangement with my Dad to do extra work for money. Also the things I wanted weren’t the things he wanted, so I had to pay for them. This came as a surprise to the other boys. I learned early nothing in life was free – I guess these other boys are ones ruining, I mean running our country today!
Yea, if I was President I’d probably piss a lot of people off, but some of you could look on the bright side: After I wanted to close the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank and has nothing to do with the federal government except take our money) and returned the finances of our country back to the Department of the Treasury (what are they for anyway), and get the people to rise up and demand term limits for Congress, someone would probably have me shot and return everything back to what we got now!
Just think, we’ve got an election coming up this next year. Many of you will not vote because you don’t think it will make a difference. Well all I can say, if you don’t vote, don’t talk. And when you do vote, don’t be a Democrat or Republican – BE AN AMERICAN! I hope I’ve pissed some of you off and got your dander up to write some rude, obnoxious replies, at least that way I know I’ve touch a bone!


I watched a movie the other night – V for VENDETTA .  It’s setting was England in the future.  It told how the people got pissed off at the government because one man had a vendetta against those who had wronged him and it ended up being those of power in the government.  I’m not going to spoil the movie – you really need to get it and watch.  Well I didn’t sleep half the night because the movie kept going around in my mind and I knew I just had to put in my two cents worth.

Now I want to make something very clear from the start – I DON’T approve of the methods he employed, but I do support the message set forth in the movie.  The message put across in the move is very relevant today!  And with this being a mid-term election year, where so many on Congress are looking for approval to continue their money grubbing ways, I think many of WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up and make them take notice.

Yea we got lots of democrats and republicans with a small amount of third party people sitting in office, but how many of them are really thinking of the welfare of our country before their own welfare?  Not only are they looking out for their own skin, but do they really care about the rest of us?  One thing brought out in the movie was that governments should be afraid of the people, not the people being afraid of the government.  And when the President of the United States says he can do anything he wants (signing executive orders) without approval of Congress, well there is really something to worry about. 

Then we got judges telling United States Citizens they can’t show our national colors on a day, choosing to let the colors of another nation prevail that day, well that’s not the country I gave almost 23years of my life to protect and defend.  When the Attorney General says schools no longer have the right to ask for proof of birth for children to go to school, is this right?  Who’s looking out for us U.S. Citizens first?  Yea there’s probably a lots of you who say, what’s the big deal?  Well if you don’t think it’s such a big deal, then you personally go out and support those people with your own money.  What’s the purpose of national borders, standards of citizenship, what are they good for?

I think most of us who stop and think will understand our current president never had what it takes to lead this country, in the back ground are the handlers- bankers, big business – those who’s pulling his strings.  Face it would you give a company to a person who’s never held a real job, had to make a payroll, has no understanding of the key principles of leadership, give him full reins to drive the cart?  We know it has to be someone behind all this, just look at the way the main stream media has buckled under pressure not to do unbiased reporting?  For example look how the Libya thing has been getting covered up.  An ambassador and three others were killed, and were was the Commander in Chief?  And listening to our then Secretary of State, how she handled the situation – and some want her for President?

We’ve been to war in place we don’t belong, we’ve been lied to so much even those telling the lies believe them.  Our personal rights are slowly being taken away all in the name of National Security.  We the People are going to have to get pissed off enough about the way these donkeys and elephants have been running our country in the ground.  Somehow Congress in going to have to get their hands spanked and put in the corner, but it’s going to take us all together.  How many times has congress voted to cut their pay and benefits as they want to do for the people on the ground dodging bullets and bombs to insure their rights are secured?  How many millions of dollars have been funneled into campaign funds of these leaders by big business and the powers behind the doors? 

I encourage all of you to watch V FOR VENDETTA.  After watching it, then stop and think about the upcoming November elections, look at the decisions those we’ve elected to govern this country have made.  Then search your inner self and see if you’re pissed enough to make the right decisions?