I thought I needed to explain “TV” to some people. The first year, 2007 I was in Portugal, my friend stated his fireplace was his TV, so thus while there it is standard practice to refer to his fireplace(in the kitchen) as the TV. There are many benefits to this type of TV which the normal person will never know or experience. Thus I hope to open the eyes of many and expand your minds just a bit. So from now on when referring to TV, it is the fireplace.
First one up in the morning turns on the TV. The water pot is set on to make coffee or tea while the morning chores are done. When we are ready so is the water, no wasted time. We sit back enjoying that first cup of the day staring straight ahead into the screen.
Now let me ask you, how many you have a TV you can make your coffee on? It also provides warmth and you can get rid of your trash paper in it. Sure you need to get up once in a while to feed it, but you also got to get up to take a piss, get a drink, something to eat no matter what type of TV you are watching.
Last night for example, I cooked some great pork chops on the TV. Just before, John set the pot of taters on to boil. While we were eating had a pot of water getting warm to wash dishes. How many of you have such versatile TV?
Also we have no commercials, no ads and we don’t have to worry where the remote is, if the remote batteries go dead or if the power goes out! Yes we do have sound effects, depending on the type of wood we use in the TV depends on the noises. Really dry pine produces the old Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Eucalyptus, if not completely dry will sizzle and hiss, you can also see the water boiling out the ends. Oak lasts a long time as does chestnut. Last night we cooked chops over wet grapevine, what a fantastic flavor. See our TV is great, not like yours, which you can only turn on and off, and besides so much of the programming today is crap (oh yea, we can burn that in ours as well)
John’s TV is never out of date. It never needs a software upgrade. Yea, I guess we could get a bigger model but that is not necessary for full effect or enjoyment. We can dry clothes on our TV and even flick cigar ashes in our3s (just try that with yours).
I bet there is a lot of you who pay big money to visit a shrink! We don’t need one. Usually a couple evening with our TV and we got the problems of the world solved. Yes for this step it does good to have “qualified” friends present like, Jack, Jim, or Johnny. As of lately Jack has been present at most of our therapy sessions. Our TV somehow seems to make their presents a little more smooth. You need to give this a try sometime.
Yep, tonight after the dishes are done, we’ll turn out the lights, stoke up the TV, invite Jack for a visit and just vegetate. I’ll look over at John and ask him, “I wonder what all the common folk are doing tonight?”


Well we’re just about ready to sweep this year out the door. I don’t know about you, but for me it has gone so fast, maybe because I have kept busy.
January I made a trip to the States for a few days. I arrived right in the middle of a fantastic snow storm, so helped my brother shovel over three feet of snow off his roof, but what are brothers for? I was just glad I had to chance to help and there was no damage to his house. Afterwards I traveled to Ohio, attending the International Hoof Care Summit. This is a yearly event with so much information it is really hard to pass up.
February wasn’t so good. We lost our old dog, Shelia. She had been having health problems for a while, but it was finally her time. It was especially hard on Jette as they had bonded so well. Coco took it in stride. She had a little hard time getting over it, but then all of a sudden she “grew up”, out of the kid stage and took over as “chief of the watch”. We have watched it times before when the older one passes on, then the younger one grows up fast. It is really amazing to watch the change. Coco spent the next while by herself with us. I don’t think she missed Shelia as much as I have seen others before, but it was good for her to have the time by herself to really find her own way. Jette, this time really looked around and found a good pup to replace Shelia, so we got Gabby.
It was a real tough time for Coco to accept Gabby. We had to be on high alert all the time because the few first days Coco wanted to attach her. I had to divide the front yard giving each a side so we didn’t have to keep any one of them on a leash all the time. Finally after about 5 days or so, Coco came around and it was good. When we got Coco, Shelia was older, so Coco really didn’t get the “puppy” play. Now at 4yrs old, Coco was in hog heaven. She loved to play with Gabby and it was amazing to see how she changed a 180 degrees. Many times Coco would be laying on her back with Gabby astraddle in “attack” mode, run and chase around. Coco soon turned into a good “baby sitter” giving both of them good exercise. Evening were pretty quite as Gabby’s off switch was hit.
It was a good thing spring was over and summer came because our heating unit was worn out and needed replaced. This was the first big project of the year. I had to pull our old heater out, plus the water tank as it also had been patch a few time over the past years. Jette found a different heating unit and water tank on the internet. After getting them home it took me about a month to get the old one out, new heater and water tank installed, plumbed and insulated. It burns straw, heating water which is pumped into the house for heat. Lot cheaper than the oil furnace we have in the basement. We do keep it in back up and do use it in the summer time.
So it was end of July when the heater was fixed then Jette’s manure wagon needed rebuilt. I knew it was going to need a new floor and sides, but I soon discovered the side rails were rotten as well. So getting the cutting torch, they were taken off and had to hit the scrap yard to find what I needed. New sides rails welded in place, floor plates welded in place, new sides build and installed. By the end of the project I knew there was another problem – my knees were shot.
It was so painful getting on my knees to weld the floor on, but it had to be done. Even with knee pads and pain killers it was still a struggle. I had been having problems earlier in the year, but I knew the heating system need replaced and the wagon needed rebuilt, they came first. Now time for taking care of myself. Here in Denmark it has been a long drawn out process to get my knees looked at. I just have to laugh every time I see on Facebook how people post, “We need to be like Denmark”. In July I made my first doctor appointment about my knees. I have found out the problem – cartilage is gone, they are worn out. As of this writing the Danish doctors will not replace my knee, even though the surgeon at one hospital who did the arthroscopic surgery on my right knee said nothing would help but a replacement, to which my own doctor agreed. Even when the first surgeon said there was nothing to do, the next surgeon said he wanted to wait another 4-5 months to see if the surgery helped. My own doc was shocked as was I. After starting this I have learned and was also shocked as to how many people here in Denmark have their own private health insurance, or it is provided by their work place! I had a couple customers tell me if I had private insurance I would have had the operation by now and back to work. So much for the quality health care, I guess it is good – when you can get it. Come on over Bernie, give it a shot!
This year it has rained, rained, and rained. Jette said she had never seen so much rain – ever! So our basement flooded because a drain in our yard was plugged, so it needed dug up and cleaned out. Oh, yea, I am on crutched because two days before I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. Jette was able to get a mini backhoe and we started digging. I stood and watched. Finally getting deep enough we got to the old concrete pipe which was in 50cm sections. I got down in and pulled out the first section – it was full of roots. Guess what is directly over the line – a big chestnut tree which we had to stop and cut down and get the stump out. So with each section we took out we found roots, about 12 meters worth! So in between rain, with Jette on the backhoe and me in the ditch we got it out, replaced and thankful no more water in the basement.
. During the three weeks I couldn’t work I was graced with fantastic guys who helped cover my customers and keep horses done. I can never say thanks enough to these other farriers who took time to help me out. With my knees shot, I have had to cut back on my work, so I got rid of one of my largest customers with deep regret. I just can’t stand and do so many horses at one time. This getting old is for the birds!!
Thank God real winter has started. Today it was a few degrees below freezing with snow on the ground – great no much. I have no idea how long this will last, but am enjoying it.
I guess the biggest thing for me this year is I started playing pasture pool – yea golf. Never thought I would enjoy it but it is great. Can’t hardly wait for spring to get back on the course. Now during the winter I am really enjoying making some knives.
I hope this find you all closing out your year with grace and looking forward to the New Year. May God be with you and your loved ones and truly bless you all. See you all later, guess we’ll see what 2018 has in store!!


I’ve had a lot of fun writing. I really never thought of myself as an author, but my cousin Jene thought I had it in me after reading something I began. After reading it she hounded me for about a month until I got started writing for real and the book GUIDE’S LIFE was born.
After writing GUIDE’S LIFE I found my brain soon began to fill with thoughts, thoughts about everyday things and how we went about life and such, so I started to write these thoughts down. Soon another book started to take shape and the way it was going what better name for it than THOUGHTS OF A CRAZY OLD MAN. It was a fun book to write. I covered many topics of everyday life like; coffee, instant coffee, women, politics, religion. I even found room for a chapter on toilet paper! Jene told me I had at least five books in me and so I’m in the mood to prove her right.
One thing this writing bit is tough. If I’d known it was so hard I sometimes wonder if I’d continued to do it. Getting my books published is a horse of a different color. To find a publisher today to take on an unknown guy like me is almost impossible, so I went with the self- published route. I got my two books published, but it is not cheap. One thing for sure, I’ll not give up my day job!
With today’s available media at our finger tips, internet, social media, blogs and such, I’ve been trying to promote my books this way, but in the end it takes money to get it done. I had my two books put into e-book format. At first I wasn’t going to, but I had a couple people asked me when they’d be available in e-book, so I did. I’m glad because there are a few more people who have enjoyed them.
I’ve now discovered another outlet for my writing is this blog. It cost me a little bit to get this site set up, but this is fun. It’s more of an enjoyable hobby for me now. Before I moved to Denmark I hunted and was on my horses all the time. Denmark is nothing like Idaho, but I have changed and adapted to another way of life. I now work in my shop making a few things in iron. Playing in the fire is great. Because of Jene I’ve also found my writing ability. The other day I received an e-mail from a man who said I had a great way of writing. It was easy and fun to read. My brother also commented that reading my books was just like talking to me as I wrote the same way I talk. One thing about my books is there is nothing to remember. GUIDE’S LIFE is written in three parts. Each part is like a book in itself. THOUGHTS OF A CRAZY OLD MAN is a bunch of short stories. What I call mindless, senseless entertainment – meaning the only things you have to do is sit down with something nice to drink, throw on the reading glasses if you need them, relax and enjoy.
I’m going to continue writing as I feel it is a great way to express myself. I really don’t know how much I will contribute to society with the things I write, but I am going to have fun doing it. If you feel the need to investigate my work please take a look at the links provided. You can also go to Facebook and look at some pictures I posted about my book GUIDE’S LIFE, and THOUGHTS OF A CRAZY OLD MAN. One thing I believe is books are here to stay! I maybe old school, but I feel reading is and always will be something many people enjoy and are always searching for something good to read.
As we are coming to the New Year I hope many more of you will pick up something to read and I hope one of those books will be one of mine.


I have just finished this book written by Michael Savage. This has to be one of the most profound books I have read and talk about relevant, Mr. Savage has hit the nail right on the head.
Have you ever wondered why thirty years ago you saved money in the bank and there was a return in the form of interest and today there is none? Are you still saving money in the bank because you think it is save? Do you trust the current financial situation with the likes of who is running the Federal Reserve (private banking) and the international monetary fund (IMF)?
We’ve got a health care system now (Obamacare). But do you really think they have told you everything we need to know after, “You can keep your present insurance”, a promise made by none other than our president? The health care act was written in such a form for a reason, so the everyday American wouldn’t understand it and most have no idea of what is in the back ground.
How do you think Obama’s giving amnesty to over five million illegal aliens will affect our country? What really happens when so many illegal aliens are feeding from the government handouts? Obama said they wouldn’t be covered by Obamacare, but they are already overwhelming many medical systems. Do you wonder why Obamacare redefined full time work week as 30 hours instead of 40?
These and many others Michael Savage asks and provides the answers to in his latest book. I know many Democrats , Republicans and liberal do-gooders will call Michael Savage and his book a bunch of hog wash, bunk, crying wolf, but what they need to know is Michael did a good job. He has footnoted everything in the book. He has provided all the evidence to back up everything stated in the book. Want to call him on it, well read the book, read all the foot notes, then step back and think.
America, we need to wake up and see what is happening around us. We the People need to stand up and make our elected officials stand up and do the right thing. Michael has explained what and how we need to do it. If we Americans don’t stand up and take charge, no one will do it for us. What we don’t need is for people to say, “Oh, I don’t count”, or “my vote don’t mean much.”
I wonder why now so many in the Obama mafia are stirring the racial pot? And if you don’t think it’s being stirred, then look again. Erik Holder, Al Sharpton and crew have done a great job this past year. Obama has thrown in his two cents worth in other cases as well. But don’t take my word for it, read the book. Oh by the way Mr. Savage has some foot notes to back up those statements as well.
You can find STOP THE COMING CIVIL WAR on line or at your favorite book store. It’s many different formats: paper back, hardcover, e-book, so take your pick.
Yea, I know there will be a lot who will say I way over board and just shake their head and think I’m stupid. But unless you have read the book and honestly thought about it, then you have no say.


I blame it all on Jene. If she hadn’t have hounded me to write my first book, I wouldn’t be hooked on this writing bit!
I can’t believe it. Here I am on my vacation and this is the second year I’ve packed a computer to write! But you know I love it! I owe this adventure of my life to my cousin Jene. If she hadn’t politely pushed me into writing my first book and giving encouragement I’d have never stepped off the edge and took the chance.
Right after I got my first computer back in 1994 I started to write down some of my experiences as a professional guide to get used to writing and working with a computer. I’d written a bit and saved it on a 3.5” floppy disk. Someone told me I needed to back up my work on some type of external drive, so I formatted one, labeled it “Guide’s Life” and would write a little bit once in a while. But I had a lot of other irons in the fire so after writing ten- twelve pages or so, the floppy got thrown in the drawer and soon was lost in time. My job and the Army Reserve seemed to take up most of my time. I soon forgot the disk ever existed.
It was our second computer swap and I was busy getting programs and data loaded back in. This computer was different – there was no 3.5” floppy drive. Technology had advanced and the 3.5” had gone the way of the 8” and the 5.25” floppy disks. I was going through a stack of 3.5” disks to make sure they contained nothing I wanted when I came across a disk with faded writing – Guide’s Life. Oh, so that’s what happened to that disk, I thought and pulled it out. I installed it in the old computer’s drive and the noises began to tell me it was being read. Soon writing began to appear on the screen. Wow, I was lucky. Many floppy disks fail to work after time, but this one came through for me. I began to read a bit and soon realized I needed to get this transferred to the new computer, so I saved it on a USB drive and moved on.
I’d retired from the military I found I had time on my hands. I was surprised how much free time the Army Reserve had taken, so what was I going to do? That day I was looking at some documents and stuff I wanted to transfer to my new laptop and I ran across a file named Guide’s life. I opened it and started to read. Well I transferred it and began to write a bit more, this time I thought I needed to document some of my military career. I’d never really told my brother and his family what I did and so I thought this might be a good way to let them know. I knew my brother would read it, had no idea if his kids would, but hey.
One time I was talking to Jene who lived in Missouri. We were talking about the time I was a guide and I told her I had a file I was going to e-mail her so she could read instead of me telling her about it. Anyway sometime after she read it we were talking and Jene asked me, “So when are you going to finish the book?” “What do you mean”, I asked? Jene proceeded to tell me I had the start of a book and wondered when I was going to finish it. I laughed at her and said no one would read that stuff. “You’d be surprised what people will read” she said. Jene continued on and said she believed I had at least five more books in me and I was shocked! Anyway I began to think what she said, so I began to write. It was amazing how easy the words came to me. I was also lucky I’d had some writing classes in the Army while taking my Sergeant Major’s course, so I had some of an idea of how to go about it and what to do. To make a long story short, after 488 pages I was finished with Guide’s Life!
After that I soon found myself awake at nights and stuff running around in my brain. I’d wake up at night and have to write things down. Soon “Thoughts of a Crazy Old Man” was done. Currently I’m working on a couple books at once, and I found the need to do this blog thing to satisfy my need to write. It’s a new adventure in my life! If years ago someone would have told me I’d be writing a book I’d have told them they were crazy.
Well I may not get rich or famous from writing and I haven’t quit my day job, but I enjoy throwing words on paper so hopefully others will enjoy it. So once again, THANKS JENE”

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I was out to a customer the other day trimming their horse’s hooves.  It was over cast, cloudy and raining a bit.  The customer commented she sure wished it was sunny.  My reply was “Well the grass also needs to grow”.  She paused for a few seconds and agreed.  During my travels around from place to place I find so many people who’s cup is always half empty.  These are the people who always got something to complain about!

I too was one of those who’s cup was half empty until many, many years ago my Dad told me once, “No matter how bad you think you got it, there is always someone around who’s got it worse than you – just look around and see”, and you know – he was right!  After our little talk I soon learned things weren’t so bad.  There was always a positive twist to everything, one just had to look around a bit and find it.  I don’t care what you’re doing or where you’re headed in life lift your head and look on the bright side.

I really got to laugh at people.  In the winter time I’ll drive around and hear people complain because it’s too cold.  I tell them, “Well there’s no flies bothering the horses when I work on them”.  It may be cold enough my fingers are cold, but hey, I got my forge I warm my tools with and once in a while pass my fingers across the front!  And another thing, when it’s cold you can put more clothes on, but when it’s hot, well you can only take so many clothes off!!

In the summer time I’ll be back around to the same place and the same person – “Oh it’s so hot”.  I look at them and reply, “It wasn’t too long ago you were complaining it was too cold, now it’s warmed up and you’re not happy”.  Well in the summer time at least I don’t have all those thick covers people put on their horses to contend with.  My tools are warmed up and I don’t have to worry about my fingers being cold!  In the summer we got more hours of daylight and I love it.  In the winter the days are shorter and not too long a work day. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I also have my days.  No one is perfect.  But just about the time I’m getting into the negative attitude, I start to think about something positive and things begin to turn around.  One great positive thing I got is so many good customers!  I’ve got many people I’ve done their horses for many years now.  I’ve got to watch their kids grow up and out on their own.  It always amazes me how fast time goes by.  Some of these people are really great!  A cup of coffee, drink of water, a nice conversation, really makes my day.  They really make up for the bad places I go. 

I guess I’m lucky I’m my own boss.  I set my schedules and pretty much do what I want (within reason).  I guess this contributes to my positive attitude.  I get to be outside many times.  I travel from place to place and get to see the changes of the seasons as I pass by.  Yea, I got many of the same routes I take, but there’s always something different to see.

So the next time you get in a negative attitude and start to complain, just stop and think why?  Then start to think of all the positive things coming your way.  Just remember – Keep you cup half full!

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