So here we are again, another “government shutdown”. The news media has made this seem like it is a big deal, I guess in a way it is. I was looking over a list of who and who is not affected ( and no where did I see anything about Congress not getting paid.
Now from what I gather it is the job of Congress to approve a budget and if they don’t then this happens. Why is it I do not see Congress as one of the groups not getting paid? They are not doing their job and the way jobs and pay is, at least for most of us common people is “no work, no pay”. I know many jobs if you fail to complete your work on time you have to pay penalty. No where have I seen that Congress must pay a penalty for failure to perform. They know this budget is coming up and should have been prepared for it.
Now I know many of you are going to say: well there are many political things to consider. Well yea, I guess there are and they should have been considering them a long time ago. The big hold up this time is illegal immigration – a subject which has plagued our country for a long time and past Congresses have let it escalate into the large problem we have today. The best and easiest answer is: If you’re not in the United States legally, then you get deported. I know most countries are this way. Just try to live in almost any other country in the world and see what happens when you come enter illegally.
I was listening to the radio today about a man from Mexico who had come to the States as a young lad – illegally and now 30yrs later he was deported and there is a big up roar. His wife (U.S. citizen) said he is not a criminal, but isn’t it a crime to be in the States illegally? Anyway he has had 30yrs to get legal. I don’t feel sorry for him. And people say “But what about his family? To that I reply, “He should have thought about that”. Our last administration out right encourage young kids to flood our borders – illegally.
Yes, immigration is a big question and one which should be addressed, but not by holding American citizens as hostage. The ones who should be held hostage is Congress. They should receive no pay until this problem is properly resolved, and then they should receive no retroactive pay for finally getting their job done. Failure to do one’s job doesn’t mean you get a reward.