The other day I went into a bakery and to get a sandwich for lunch. Asking the lady, she listed the different ones for the day. Choosing a roast beef sandwich I was looking forward to my break.
After parking, getting myself situated for a relaxing lunch, I opened my sandwich – it was thick. Best part about going to a bakery is they make their own bread and it is fresh. So looking in I found a substantial stack of lettuce. Next was a nice layer of tomatoes, next came a layer of red pepper, followed by some onion. It took some digging but I finally found the roast beef.
I examined my nice thick slice of roast beef and wondered just how thick it really was, so I got out, and recovered a ruler from the back which is in centimeters. Holding the edge firmly between my thumb and forefinger, and after putting on my reading glasses I was amazed at the measurement, it was so much more than what I judged it to be. Just goes to show you how your eyes can deceive you. I figured this goes for many things in life. My slice of roast beef measured a whole 1.5 millimeters thick! I judged it was only 1 millimeter thick. Just goes to show you just how wrong a person can be. As I was holding my extra thick slice of roast beef I noticed I could see the sun shining through it. Wow, a guy could make a window out of this stuff I thought, but then it probably need to be the 1 millimeter thick slice instead of the extra thick 1.5 I had. One thing I have always wondered – do they have competitions for just how thin meat can be sliced? If they do, I wonder what a winning slice would be. I am guessing the person who sliced my piece would never get a first place by giving such an extra thick slice.
As I began to re-assemble my sandwich I realized I forgot to order it with no mayo. Here in Denmark I have learned to order it with no mayo because they have the idea “more is better” so usually I receive a sandwich with enough mayo for at least 3 or 4 sandwiches. The other thing I really miss about sandwiches here is no dill pickles. Yea they got their form of pickles, but they are not the same as the dills I was raised with. Much of the time here you get fresh sliced cucumbers, which I do like – they are crispy and taste good.
Anyway as I got my sandwich back together and started to munch down on it. I knew there was roast beef in it because I had physically seen it, but somehow I couldn’t taste it. Suddenly I got a brilliant idea: the next time I go there and order a sandwich I think I will order a lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper sandwich, maybe I will get to taste more meat!