If six months ago anyone would have told me I would be playing pasture pool and enjoying it, I would have called you crazy! And to top it off I am enjoying it so much I am now working hard to find excuses to take in nine holes.
Yea, I’d swung the whacking sticks a couple times. When my brother’s daughter got married, her future husband Tom took us all out for a round on the short grass – it was ok, something different. I also remember playing miniature golf as a kid. It was great with my friends, but never in my life did I think I’d take up the real thing. I also played “combat” golf while deployed in the Balkans(but that’s another story). I partly blame Tabitha and her husband Tom. Besides getting me on the course for his pre-wedding gig, when I’ve been to visit they have taken me to the driving range and I enjoy whacking the little white ball down range. We did the putting thing with Tabitha, her two boys and Traci and her son. Also the fact that Tom’s brother is caddie for Jordan Spieth. When you have some kind of a connection, ever so slim, it does makes things more interesting.
It was this past July I was talking to one of my fellow farriers, also named Tom, he ask me if I wanted join him, I guess he was needing some company. I told him I didn’t have stick, so he said I could use his. So I got started. After a few times using his sticks I decided to go whole hog! Bought my own (left handed to boot) and joined the golf club.
So now I’ve had three lessons and competed in a few practice tournaments. Here in Denmark I got to get around the 9 hole practice course with a score of under 50 three times in a row, take a test on the rules and course ethics, and compete in a minimum of three practice tournaments before I get my “big boy’s card” which lets me go to any golf course to play. I will also have a handicap.
It’s been fun getting round the course. Every time I go around it is different, in fact every hole is different every time. Guess if I could spank that little white ball the same way every time, I might be a little better. The practice course is all par 3, with 2 par 4 holes, but never the less I get lots of practice. I did real good on hole 3 which is a par four – I finally sunk my ball after 12 shots! Lots of practice! On the other hand, hole 2 is a par 3 – I screwed up and made it in two shots once, not too much practice on that hole. Over all it is been great. This past Sunday afternoon I did the practice course tournament in 45 strokes (a par 29 course), but I felt great, it was the best score I ever did.
Come 25 September I am having an operation on my knees, worst part is I won’t get to play for a while. During this time I will use it to get my rules and ethics classes done and work on putting and some chipping as there is not so much stress on the knees.
One thing I do know I will always strive to improve my game and do good, but I don’t think I can ever take it too serious – I’m just having too much fun!!