Looking back over the past year, it has been different. I think a lot of people got surprised at many outcomes.
I really believe if the big money and powers to be had stayed out of the elections, all the riots and bad behaviors we witnessed after Donald Trump won the election would not have come to pass. There’s a lot of information out there which states George Soros paid and supported much of the rioting and anti-Trump violence. Is it true – well you must decide? But much of this didn’t just start yesterday. People’s minds and ideas have been on the change for many years.
I look back to the way I was raised and how the generation after me was raised. When I grew up there were winners and losers. The winners got a reward, the losers got the back seat, they needed to regroup, rethink why they lost, maybe improve themselves, do better. Actually the losers were the winners because in losing they were forced to look into themselves and learn how to be winners.
Now, so I’ve heard there are no winners, no losers. Kids are taught if they lose they still get a reward so they will not be “left out”. What a bunch of bunk! If everyone gets a trophy then what and where is the reason for competition? Why should one excel in what they do – they will get rewarded anyway! Why should one try if there is a reward for just showing up? This attitude has spilled over into the “grownup” world as well.
I bet everyone reading this knows someone who is on some type of social help. In the beginning social help was a good deal, it had real meaning. Now with government running wild, social help is acceptable. I remember growing up, people were embarrassed when coming to the checkout stand to hand over some type of social help to assist paying for food. Today it seems to be a status symbol to be on social help. Today if you can get by on the government’s tab, why should you get a job? The problem with welfare is people get sucked into the trap, then once the government owns you, your mind goes with it, you become a robot, no self esteem, no want, no desire to achieve, progress, a person gets complacent to what is around. Yes, I have been out of a job, I have filed for unemployment on different occasions.
At the time I drew unemployment the total length one could draw for was 6 months. It was ok for the first week or so, but then I had to get out and do something. You see I had worked all my life and I missed it. So I got my butt out and found a job. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but I no longer needed unemployment and I was proud of that. Somehow, someway I have always been able to work, but I have always had that desire, the desire to move forward and not just sit still.
I remember in the 5th grade one day on the play ground with a few other boys. One asked me how much I got for an allowance. I looked at him and ask what an allowance was? He looked shocked and told me it was the money I got for cleaning my room, doing the dishes once in a while, but most of the time he never did anything for the money, it was just given to him. I look shocked at him and replied, “Those are my chores, my responsibility. First if I don’t do those things there is no one else to do them. Second if I don’t do them, then I get in trouble from Dad and Mom. Also if I want something I have to pay for it with the money I earn”. He then ask what I did for money, I then explained I had to make arrangements with my Dad or Mom to do other work around the farm, above and beyond the things I was responsible for. After I grew up and learned the world, I soon figured out the kid who asked me about allowance, who got his money for free is now running our governments.
I guess what it all boils down to is RESPONSIBILITY. So many of the younger generation have failed to learn what responsibility means.


It’s December 2016 – where did this year go? It seems only yesterday the year began. The older I get the faster time goes, or is it because I am busy and not paying too much attention to time that is quickly slips away.
January rolled in, I worked the first week and a half then I took an extended trip to visit relatives. Began in Missouri with Jene Benton and family. Was a great time. Got to see her new place and eat some of her fantastic cooking. Met Craig and family, was fun! So then I headed to San Francisco to visit Darin. Never been there before so he took me to all the places, Fisherman’s Warf, highest point in SF, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and he took me on a boat ride across the bay. So then I rented a car and headed north. Never really been in northern California, so good chance to see it. Stopped and did the redwood thing – visited these giants and got a picture of me in the “drive through” tree. Headed on north and spent the night in southern Oregon. Next morning drove to my best friend Dan’s place where his wife Chris was home. The three of us always have a great time. They took me hiking to a waterfall, went to the coast and around. Then Dan took me to a shooting gallery where I learned I hadn’t really lost my eye as I did pretty good I thought, for someone who hadn’t shot a rifle in years!
Visited my brother’s two daughters Tabitha and Traci and their lovely families. Tabitha arranged for Traci and Gabe to come to her place and we all had fun. Tom, Tabitha’s husband , their two boys , Traci and her son went to smack a few golf balls around – what a great time. These two gals have really grown up and have such great families to be around. Visited my cousin Donna Clair, her husband Bill and two kids, Robb and deShauna. After that I hooked it on across Oregon, over the Blues and to my brother’s place in Fruitland Idaho. Was great to spend time with Larry and Sue. Visited friends around Greenleaf, Caldwell and ended my trip in Boise at Gary and Barbara’s place. Was a great trip, lots of stops, trying to get as many visits in as possible. So then it was home and back to work.
Now back to the grindstone. Work as been good. Got lots of great customers and horses to work on. So now it was to business for the summer and fall. I don’t plan time off until around the first of November because people want to use their horses. Also it is Jette’s time to go to horse shows. She ended up going to shows most of the weekends in June, July with some shows in August and September. When she is gone I take care of her horses and our two dogs. We have tried a few times to get someone to take care of our place, but it doesn’t work. Very hard to find someone who understands the word RESPONSIBILITY! We had one person who held a party in our house, the last one we thought we could trust couldn’t get out of bed to feed the horses on time, so no more. We know when one of us is home things will get taken care of right and that is very important to us.
First of September I turned in my reservation for the International Hoof Care Summit in Ohio in January 2017. After doing that a friend and fellow farrier, Tom Williams was at my house using my coal forge. We’d stopped for a bit to eat and he said he was headed to Vegas in December for the WCB finals. I said I might just take the time off to go watch. Tom then said why not go compete in the novice class, I said I was too old and such for that. He said no, it was for guys who had never competed, plus I could deduct it from my business! So Jette pips up and said why not, it would be fun! I sat there for a bit, yea, why not! So I turned in my papers and fees, booked a flight and boom, here I am sitting in the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada!
It was a learning experience for me. I felt out of place in the novice class at 60yrs old, but everyone told me no. I felt good with some of my work, I ended up 8th place over all. My work could have been better, but this was the first time I have never worked with a striker and it was very different for me. Also I was working against the clock which I have never done before. I learned many things and now I am going home and do some work. I hope to come back next year.
With this closing I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be a fantastic 2017. God Bless you all and enjoy your journey down the road He has planned for you. I thank God every day for my family, friends and the life I have. I have been blessed to do the things I have done and the places I have gone. TAKE CARE.