Basically what Thomas Jefferson said was: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” This is so true today. All a person has to do is stop and take an objective look at our government, who’s running it and how the people are being treated then you will understand what road we are headed down. A good example is Obama Care: if it was really good and the original backers (not necessarily Congressmen) had the good intensions of the people truly in mind would they have given the IRS the power to fine people for not taking it? This is a good example of tyranny. Let’s not forget the promises the president made which held water about as good as a sieve. Let’s not forget all the Congressmen who never read the bill but passed it anyway – we know they cared about us.
The Republican Party got a taste of the people’s meaning during this year’s primary election – for a change an outsider (non politician) got the nomination. The people spoke and those of the “Establishment” are a little set back. At first they thought it was a joke, but then Trump’s campaign began to gather speed – why? Because for a change he was telling people what they wanted to hear, not the same old campaign nose blowing, double talk we’ve heard from all the rest. Donald Trump came out and spoke to the American people like an American. He wasn’t politically correct and he didn’t care who he offended. The only way he could do this was he had his own money. The “Establishment” couldn’t buy him. For once the “Establishment” was set on its heels, and by one of its own!
Let me explain what I mean by “establishment”, referred from now on as they, them, those guys or just main stream politicians. They are the party favorites. For example look at the Bush family: they’ve been in politics for ever. They’ve got the power, money and backing of those we don’t see – the real power and those who are really running our country. They don’t necessarily need to be in politics to run politics – look at George Soros for example. One of the wealthiest guys on earth. He’s got fingers into almost every part of our government. Who runs the Federal Reserve? Don’t let the name fool you. The Fed is made up of private individuals, banker if you will. They’ve got vast wealth and holdings and have great influence on how our country is run, and the world for that matter, you don’t believe me – just look it up. Anyway now you get the idea. You think this is some tin foil had idea? No, just look around, use your head, stop and think. The Establishment wants us to think so!
So along comes Trump, who ran in those circles because his position in life, but he got tired of what was happening, so he decided to do something – like run for president. Remember this man has never held a political office and until a while back never intended to do so. He is a business man, use to making money. Yes he’s lost money, had setbacks, but he has arisen past those and made it. He has used every method he could to get there, no different than most of his fellow establishment giants who’ve made it to the top, but now Trump has gone rouge and his buddies are out to get him because he know the ropes, how to play the game, how to beat the system and this scares them because at the end of the day he says he’s going to put stoppers in those holes and seal the cracks. This will affect their bottom line and they don’t like it, but the average Joe on the street likes it very much. For once there is hope again that maybe our government can be taken back and give the people some say in what goes on.
Am I saying Trump will make the best president – who knows? I do know if anyone can he has the best chance. As he has stated in taxes for examples: he’s used all the loop holes he could and if anyone knows how and what to close them he does. Guess who doesn’t want this to happen? Yep his old friends in the Establishment! And if you can’t see Hillary Clinton is in the Establishment, then you have been living under a mushroom too long. You know he didn’t have to do this. He didn’t have to have his whole life picked apart, mud thrown in his face, his family attacked. He’s faced the full brunt not only of the opposition party but that of his own party as well – why? Because the Establishment doesn’t want him there, his is screwing up their game plan, a monkey wrench in their money making and power procedures.
We can question Trump, talk about what he stands for, but one thing we cannot attack his political career because he has none. He’s had his ups and downs in business life, but that is business. One thing I do see, as a successful business man he has been able to surround himself with people he can trust with the responsibility given them and this is the biggest thing he’s got going for himself, besides the fact he has been able to stand up and take responsibility for his actions, good or bad.
People say we are in big trouble, well yes we are, but who is to blame? We, The People are partly to blame. We elected our officials, many times with no knowledge of what they stand for or what they do. Then we re-elect these people time and again only so they can rape and plunder our resources. We’ve got a good chance to move forward right now, but we mustn’t screw away this chance. So many people wish for a third party candidate to get in, well in a way we got him. The Democrats hate him, the Republicans hate him, what more do you want? Trump was smart enough to know if he ran as a third party he would never get there, so he joined the Republicans. He already knew the Democratic ticket was fixed by the establishment.
You want to help America to start climbing out of the hole? You may not like him. He never said he was a choir boy and he never lived his life as such, but since he’s been running, he’s put Americans, the Constitution and our well being up front. Will he deliver? Good question and this also depends on how much help he gets from Congress. I say give the businessman a chance – it can’t be worse off than we already are!