So here we go again – riots, burning, tearing things up, all because something was “instantly reported”. I really wonder when the news media is going to get back to being responsible for their actions? What makes things worse, is how fast stuff travels. Something can happen and minutes later it can be all across the country.
When I was a kid we use to play a game. We’d all sit in a circle and pass a story around. When it came back to the first person the story was completely different from what was started. Now just stop and think – what has been going on in this country? It’s not only from the main stream news media, it’s from our leaders as well. Fueling the fires of hate and most people don’t even know what or who they hate. They just hate because someone said to.
Who know where or why it started. I guess it starts with us normal people wanting to know what happens. We have gotten so use to everything being so instantaneous we tend to forget finding the facts takes longer. Because of perceived ideas of people, places, jobs and situations so many people assume the first things heard are the truth – again forgetting who was there and what did they see when the event took place?
What did they see? Put someone in a position, have three or four people form a semi circle around the person. Tell the person in the middle in advance do something. Now ask each person around the semi circle what they saw. Chances are everyone will tell you a slightly different story. Probably a different detail will be added or left out because of the position they were standing when viewing the event. Does this remind you of some of the past events happening around this great land of ours?
It doesn’t help much when something happens and our president jumps in right from the start making statements effecting how people perceive things? Look what happened to the policeman in Ferguson, Missouri. Because of instant messaging, texting, main stream news media not doing its job of checking all the facts before publishing, a good cop’s life was totally ruined. Not only the main stream news media, but our officials chimed in as well. He lost his job, his life, his family was ruined. Businesses were burned down, people were hurt, a whole community was set on fire, literally, racially, a nation was split apart. After the “official” report was out, the cop was found he’d acted correctly, done his job. Yet the damage was done and not many people never really cared or spread the word of who was right or wrong.
When I was a kid and first got my driver’s license my Dad told me, “If you ever get stopped by a cop, the road side is no place to argue. It’s “Yes Sir, or No Sir”. If you got a problem with what happens, that’s why we got courts.” He impressed on me it was my civic duty to obey whatever the policeman/cop told me to do. How many of you out there really know and understand what a cop’s life is all about and exactly what they have to go though?
How many of you know or understand the split second it takes to either kill a person or let them live? How many of you would have the guts to stand on that thin blue line, being the sheep dog protecting the flock from the wolves? I’m not saying every cop is a good cop – everyone is human. What I am trying to get across is we need to get off the instant media thing, let the investigation take its course before we are the judge, jury and executioner. Spreading false information kills people – innocent people, ruin lives destroy someone’s life savings, their work, destroys your neighborhood, community. PEOPLE – STOP AND THINK!
I grew up in the shadow of the cold war. The threat was real. When I was a kid we almost went to war with the U.S.S.R. over the Cuban Missile Crises. Only because of cool heads, getting all the facts before reacting were we able to live in peace. But yet I always remember something “supposedly” said by the then leader of U.S.S.R., : “We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
Look around people, Nikita Kruschev’s words or not, it seem like it is happening.


A post on Face Book today got me to thinking of the past:
I grew up on a farm west of Caldwell, Idaho. There were four of us, my brother, Dad, Mom and I. When I was just a small boy my father explained to me in order for the farm to work every one must do their fair share. So I learned what my fair share was.
Every morning I got up, made my bed, got ready for school or if none school day got ready for whatever there was to do. My daily chores were to feed the chickens, gather the eggs. A couple times a week I had to set the supper table, and another couple days it was my turn to clear the table and help with the dishes. In the summer my brother and I shared mowing the lawn, clipping grass around the bushes and such – this was every week. Along with this we also helped plant, weed the garden and when time came harvest what we’d grown. We usually grew enough vegetables to last the winter. We’d also help pick, prepare and can fruit. Come fall there was always chickens we’d butcher, pluck and put in the freezer. All this along with the things around the farm like fixing fence, cleaning ditch, cleaning chicken house and whatever work was needed around the farm. All of this was done for no pay – as Dad explained it took all of us to do our part. If I wanted money I had to arrange extra work with Dad or Mom.
One Saturday when I was around five years old or so we were in town. I’d seen something in the store I really wanted and ask Dad if I could have it. “Sure”, he said, “What are you going to pay for it with?” I looked at him and said I knew he had money and could pay, he then replied, “I don’t want it, why should I pay?” He then finished with, “If you want money we can arrange extra work you can do to earn money, nothing is for free.” So I started to earn money. Dad divided up the farm in two and my brother got half and I got half to trap gophers. He paid us twenty five cents a tail. We each had an old band-aid can in the freezer we’d put our tails in. Every so often Dad would take them to the irrigation district and collect the money for them, which we received. Cutting thistles out of the pastures was also another job we got paid for, along with other jobs we’d arrange. In 1963 we took summer trip to Disney Land in California – and I had my own spending money! As we began the trip there were so many things I wanted to buy, and I remember Dad saying to me: “It’s your money to spend how you like, but remember when it’s gone there’s no more.” This would make me think and I learned how to make my money last for the entire trip.
After we sold the farm and moved to Greenleaf I did odd jobs to make money: mowing lawns, cleaning ditch(shovel in hand), I worked on a crew training hops (was the only white kid on a crew of Mexicans), pulled weeds out of mint fields for Cecil Benford, cleaned chicken houses for Mr. Harris and worked in his orchard, irrigated fields for Chet Harris, milked cows for different ones while they were on vacation and so many more. The summer I was 15yrs old, Mom, Dad, my brother were all working “real jobs”, so my main job around the house was cooking supper which was not a paying job, but Mom said, “Someday you will appreciate knowing how to cook.” As usual she was right.
When my brother and I got our driver’s license, Dad got another family car and gave the old ’61 Chevy Impala to us. He said he’d keep the insurance in his name but we had to pay it. We also had to buy the gas, oil, tires and service. If we didn’t have enough money for up keep we weren’t to come to him for money, the car could just set – that’s the way it was. Soon my brother bought himself a pickup and I got myself a ’69 Camero. Never did we ever ask Dad for money.
The year I was in 5th grade I attended Washington school in Caldwell, Idaho. One day during our noon break I was out on the playing field with a few other boys I hung around with. One of the guys looked at me and ask, “How much allowance do you get from your Dad and Mom?” I looked at him, “What’s an allowance?” He said, “You know, the money you get every week for making your bed, cleaning your room or just spending money from your parents?” I proceeded to tell him and the others I got no allowance. All that stuff was my responsibility and if I didn’t do it, well Dad had a punishment for that. I also explained all the work I had to do as it was my fair share, and if I wanted money I had to arrange other work to do. They all looked at me with strange looks shaking their heads in disbelief. Each of the other boys stated they all got an allowance.
A few years ago it was like getting hit in the head with a brick – I now understand who’s running our Government – it’s all those kids who never had to work and received other people’s money for something they never did.