Mr. Trump, what are you doing? I hope you will begin to stop and think a bit before you speak or answer questions. This isn’t the primary now, you are the top dog and right now you are throwing it away.
We the people voted for you over all the main stream politicians because we were sick and tired of them and their ways. We were tired of big money deciding who was going to be president. We don’t want political correctness expressed by the party line candidates. We’re tired of those who have failed to act for “We the People” and instead take money, line their pockets and forget who they reprerent. We gave the Republicans all the power both in the Senate and House, but they screwed up and wasted away everything we gave them, so now we gave them a statement: We no longer trust them and we want someone who’s not a career politician for President. We want a business man who will speak his mind, who knows a bit about finance, how to run a business, how to choose people to help him lead and this man was you! We understood you were a street fighter, one who wasn’t afraid to confront people, put the press in their place. One who was going to dish it out. We knew Phase I was going to battle those others of the party to get the one position, but now we are in a different Phase of the game and this phase is played a little different. But you haven’t changed your game to match the phase. I’m not a politician, I’m just an average Joe, one of the people who wants to vote for you, but right now you’re making things tough.
In my opinion, and the opinion of many other “Average Joes” I’ve communicated with, things need to change a bit, you need to adjust your battle plan for the every changing battle field. I was a Sergeant Major (SGM) in the Army Reserve and I was use to advising an officer/commander on affairs and being able to gauge the feeling of troops, so now I’m going to treat you as a Commander:
There are no rules to this game and I can guarantee Hillary and her staff have looked at you with a microscope and found all your weaknesses. You got to look at this like it is war(which it is). They know your biggest weakness is you think on your feet and say what come to mind first. Now, you need to take that 5-10 pause before answering or speaking your mind and ask: Am I getting set up? Is this a blind side punch? Attacking a Gold Star family, by now you know was a mistake – and I can assure you it was a setup just for you. What he said and the way he said I’m guessing was carefully laid out and designed to make you stumble. You got to watch out for these landmines because there are going to be many more. Case in point – was the crying baby in the crowd a plant or was it just a circumstance? No one will remember your first remarks that babies are fine, what the press(and you know they hate you) will stress is your statement of getting it out of there, even it was in a joking manner. This is the reason during this phase of the battle you need to think a bit before saying something.
Clinton and crew are cunning and will use everything against you, but you need to keep the focus of this battle field on her and what she is and represents. She couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended upon it. Even in the last interview she had to lie and everyone saw it. Remember you have to convince a bunch of Democrats to vote for you as well as Republicans. It don’t surprise me the heads of the Republican party won’t support you, after all they are bought and paid for. Plus they’re going to lose a lot of power and money when you get elected. We all knew this would happen – so it will pan out in the end. Also on this subject, if I were you, I wouldn’t come out and say you won’t support them in their re-election bids, I’d just let them stew a bit in their own soup. You need to keep focused on your battle plan, not theirs. As more and more people come in line with you and the polls begin to show you climbing up, I believe many will have a change of attitude. Let them change not you. What you need to keep in front of the people are Clinton’s fails and faults – where she’s lied and cheated the country. One other thing – your Bible right now should be the Constitution! If I were you, I get a copy and be seen carrying it around. Get a copy for each of your staff and let them be seen with it. There’s a lot of us (Vets) who’ve pledged our lives to “Protect and Defend the Constitution” and for most of us this pledge, even when we get out or retire never ends. You hold the values and words of the Constitution near and dear to your heart you can’t go wrong. Like I said keep your gun sites trained on Clinton, if you don’t you’re going to get in lots of trouble.
There’s a lot of us “Common Joes” out here who voted for you and have faith in you for what you represent, please don’t let us down. After all right now you’re our only hope to have a chance to crawl out of the mess our Country is in. Mr. Trump, like I said, I’m just a retired SGM, not a political savvy guy. I have no idea what your battle plan is nor what your top advisors have planned. What I am doing is what I did as a SGM, just letting you know the over-all feelings of the troops. I just hope you will stop for a minute to read and ponder a little of what I’ve written.
A supporter,
Mikel Dawson, SGM(Ret)