One thing everyone can agree on is this year’s presidential election should be one to remember!
Lots of strife, bickering and division – kind of sounds like things around the time of our civil war. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not predicting anything or pointing any direction. I’m just saying we are a nation greatly divided. But how did we get this way to begin with. I guess the biggest part of the blame needs to go on “WE THE PEOPLE”.
Think about it, in the past, how complacent have people become about voting? When it comes time to exercise one of our most important rights the majority of Americans don’t vote. Along with this so many never do their research into those we elect and blow it off. The other problem is a majority of our politicians have betrayed us for the money, power and thinking only of themselves. Look at the position we are in now for presidential hopefuls.
The Republican party and politicians have let us down. In the past we voted them control of Congress and yet they stepped in bed with the Democrats – no difference between the two and this pissed off the Republican supporters, so what did they finally do? They send a firm and loud message to the main stream Republican party – TRUMP. Donald Trump wasn’t a politician but he got into the race anyway. During the primaries he used his own money, said what he wanted to say, wasn’t politically correct and didn’t care who’s toes he stepped on and the people loved him for it. Finally someone who wasn’t bought by political money and didn’t give a rats a$$. In the beginning no one thought he would last, but soon he picked up momentum – WHY? Because finally someone was listening to the people. When he decided to go on the Republican ticket, the RNC made him sign a letter of loyalty, if he didn’t get chosen he’d support who ever did. Now that is coming back on the RNC because they are failing to support him. I am waiting to see how the Republican convention ends up. If somehow they cheat Trump of what he has earned and the people have chosen, who knows what will happen.
The Democrats on the other hand are a different ball of wax. Democrat politicians are no different than the Republican – they have fail the voters, yet the Democrat supporters keep coming back to the “good old boy” system. They were so afraid to make a change, to send a message to their political leaders, so they just fell in line with the party . That’s how we ended up with a person like Hillary Clinton.
What get me is how a person who has such distain for the military, law and values can be in this position? If I had handled secure/sensitive material they way she has, I’d have face federal charges like others have. Her whole public career has been one big lie. Saying she was named for the first man to climb Mt. Everest (hadn’t been done when she was born), landing under fire in Bosnia in 1996 (if you see the pics and videos, no one is ducking and running), to never having classified material on her private e-mail server. And there is so much more to name it would take a book to list the lot. She claims to stand for women, yet she threatened women to silence who had affairs with her husband. She claimed when they left the White House they were broke, yet they are millionaires now. As lately, she has proven there is one law for the common people and one law for the Clintons. She told the families of 4 men killed in Libya it was caused by a video when she knew it was a lie.
So here we are on one hand we got Trump, an unknown product whom we have no idea which way he will go. On the other hand we have a habituation liar who can’t be trusted.
And to add to the mix, the current president has done more in the past few years to divide our nation than any other, and continues to keep things stirred up. He has fired race violence, torn apart our military leadership, thrown the Constitution under the bus wheels. He’s kept one campaign promise – He said he wanted to change America and he has done that.
After reading this you will think I am a firm conservative, yes I am. But more than that I am a United States Citizen FIRST! Many years ago I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, both foreign and domestic. I have never been relieved of this oath. The only way I and my Brothers/Sisters -in- Arms will be relieved of our oaths is death. I am saddened by the states of disrespect for the law we see today. How our current administration has fuelled this.
When it comes time to cast the vote, I will not vote for a know habitual liar. Do I vote for Trump? Well he’s the unknown factor and we really don’t know what will happen. One thing I do know, it’s about time for WE THE PEOPLE to unite and take back our country. If not, we will go the same way and the Roman Empire.