I got home this evening, dirty, stinking and full of horse smells and such.  As I got done with the shower, I thought:  Ah, that’s great!  Then it got me to thinking of all the different times and places I done the clean up and how so little can make a person feel sooooo good!

When I was a kid, the normal bath night around our house was Wednesday and Saturday night.  The rest of the time we cleaned up at the sink.  If we’d been out and got extremely dirty so then another bath night was there.  Even today, those two days are still my traditional shower nights.  Getting into school and playing sports changed that, so it became almost every day at school was a shower – sports had a way of making you want to take a shower.

When I was working up in the mountains as a guide, during the summer time I spent a lot of weeks on a trail crew.  We’d rebuild damaged trail, clear trees and brush which had come down in the winter snow.  It was dirty hard work.  Most of the time we only took a shower once a week – Saturday afternoons.  During the week we’d strip to the waist and wash up.  We had to pack water to the camp and besides the next day we’d just put on the same dirty clothes to work in.  But Saturday, I’d saddle up a mule and pack water into camp.  John would get busy heating water to wash with.  We had an old U.S. Army shower bucket to shower with.  It would hold about 2.5 gallons of water, so you got enough hot and cold water to fill it.  Out back we’d built a shower place – just some trees put together for a floor and one hanging high enough for the bucket to work.  There was no shower stall, you just stood out and communed with nature while taking a shower.  The process was:  fill the shower bucket and hang.  The you screwed the nozzle up so the water would come out and get wet.  Once wet you shut it off, soaped up, scrubbed up, then opened it up to rinse off.  Next you washed your hair.  Usually you had about 5 minutes of running water, so you never let it run all the time.  But boy, was it a great feeling to be clean.  The clean clothes felt really good as well.

I’ve done many different thing in the Army as well.  In December ’95 I deployed to Croatia/ Bosnia.  I was part of a command and control team on a bridge over the Sava River, our Call sign was “Cowboy TOC”.  We live and worked in the same place.  As it was winter time, I had 6 kerosene heaters going.  I’d obtained a three pound coffee can for each of us.  What I’d do is when I came off my night radio watch shift at around 0700, I set my coffee can full of water on top of a heater.  When I woke up about 4 hours later my water would be just about luke warm, that was all the warmer it ever got.  Then I’d get my little blue pan, stand in it and take what we called a “whore’s bath”  Wipe down with a wash cloth, soap up, wipe down again and that was it.  It’s amazing how clean one can stay.  Then you always had some warm water to shave with.  After that was done, the can was about empty.  If there was any left over, you got a cup of coffee as well!  About every ten days or so we’d take turns going into Camp Harmon around meal time.  This way the two who got to go took a real shower, ate a hot meal, picked up our clean laundry from the Quartermaster laundry and the most important – MAIL!  Many times I’d have to go in more often as it was my responsibility to get fuel for the generators, heaters, MRE’s, water and such.  I never had much time for a shower run as I always had to get back for something!

In 2003 I deployed to Kuwait, Camp Virginia which was out in the middle of the desert.  Nothing but sand as far as the eye could see.  All the water was trucked in.  We had bottled water to drink.  Because of the hours I worked and such, by the time I’d get around to take a shower, there’d be no water.  I was lucky, my cousin was very smart!  She sent me a care package with a whole bunch of baby wipes.  I’ve taken many a bath with baby wipes.  Again it’s amazing how great it is just to wipe your body off with so little.  When we moved north to Balad, Iraq, a base later know as  LSA Anaconda (it was the beginnings), we still had to burn human waste, but we did have a Quartermaster laundry and bath unit!  I’d get in line, standing in my PT shorts and shower shoes.  When it was my time to enter, we’d go in, I think it was about 10 soldiers at a time.  A NCO was in charge and he’d tell us to get stripped and under a shower head at the ready.  When he said go  the water was turned on for 9 minutes.  Yea, you had to have a system but again it’s amazing how fast you can get clean.  Many times I’d have time remaining and I’d just stand under the HOT water using up my full time!  It was glorious.

Now in my later years I still appreciate a good shower.  When there I get in and get my  business done, but sometimes I do stand and just let the hot water run.


Here in Denmark I’ve got a couple TV channels I enjoy watching – Discovery and National Geographic.  Lately I’ve been watching a lot of science programs- many dealing with the beginnings of our planet and space as a whole.  Now you got to understand I am just a farrier, no college degrees, just a simple man who looks at things in a simple way.  The one big question I have to myself is: “Why do we(humans) use so much money in trying to explain how the universe came about?”  In the over – all scope of things, how will answering this question better my life?

One thing I really enjoy is all the graphics and pictures they can do today.  I know with the space based telescopes the universe has opened up in new lights and we really get a great view – Ok, I enjoy the view and pictures.

The next thing I really enjoy is watching is how they(scientists and such) explain how old the world is.  I’m so amazed how they can tell me our world is so many millions, billions of years old.  Actually it is a little hard for me to fathom the scope of time being so much.

Dinosaur programs are really interesting as well.  I love watching where they dig up the bones and finding where they lived and how the world was so much different way back when.  When I see what the vegetation was back then in Montana, and other very dry areas where they dig up bones I think of all the fuss today about global warming.  I’ve seen on these programs how they explain ice once covered much of the North American area and northern Europe.  Then there was the time when all this same area was covered by thick flora, it was hot, humid and such.  In fact here in Denmark where I live it was once covered by water, deep water because they’ve dug up whale bones and other sea creatures not too far from my house.  Really makes me laugh at the fuss about global warming.  Where we live in on the time scale, it’s nothing more than a blink of an eye!  And I’m guessing we really can’t change much.  Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to take care of what we got because God did tell us there was no guarantee for tomorrow, but we also need to plan for it as well.  This leads to the most interesting question which is asked all the time – HOW DID LIFE BEGIN?

On different programs they tell somehow a microscopic organism came to earth on a space rock and was released once it splashed down in the water.  And then they agonize over how did this speck get here and where did it come from.  I always get a smile on my face and to myself I answer their question:  GOD!!  He’s the only one who can create life.

Watching these programs has led me to thinking about creation as well.  What if God created our world with a blending of evolution?  Now I’m no big Bible professor.  I’ve never done a lot of research and such – I’m sure there are those out there who can blow me out of the water and talk circles around me, but remember I’m looking at this from a simple guy’s view!

Some things you can’t deny:  the planet is “alive” and always changing.  They have proved the world is broken into plates and these plates are constantly moving and shifting, not much but they do – thus earth quakes.  We know the dinosaurs were once walking the earth, but now their bones are buried and fossils, yet none of this is mentioned in the Bible – except Genesis chapter 1.   “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  And the earth was without form and void.”  It also says God created everything on earth in 6 days, and the 7th he rested.  I have no problems with this because no one has ever explained how long a day to God is!

I guess what I am getting to is it will never do any good to get into an argument with the scholars and they will come with the carbon dating, dinosaur bones, planet shifting all the things these science programs talk about.  But all you have to do is asked them one question:  WHERE DOES LIFE COME FROM?  Now they will begin to talk about the spark of life, coming from space or how everything was just right and life began or something to that effect.  They can never explain how life began.  And for me I know where the spark of life came from – GOD.  He’s the one who started life.  Now I have no idea how He let life progress, why he let the dinosaurs live or the planet’s continents shift and change.  I don’t think there’s any of us who can really answer this, but I KNOW HOW THE SPARK OF LIFE BEGAN!!