On the day of my inauguration, on the podium, I’d take the speech written for me by some speech writer, wad it up and throw it away. Then I’d begin by talking directly to the American public. I’d first lay out the fact I’m not politically correct and I will rub some people the wrong way and piss others off. I’d then proceed to tell the public I wasn’t elected to be nice, I was elected to run a country, to lay out a direction it much take. I’d then pull out a copy of our Constitution and let people know this is the document which must drive the direct our country takes. I would also call on the American people for help – to give me line by line veto powers. I’d tell them elections are again coming and if their Senators and Representatives don’t want to play ball, then they will vote them out of office. People want to get finances under control? – then get rid of all the pork barrel spending. But it will take “WE THE PEOPLE” to get it done. Then it would come time for a little open air, wall-to-wall counseling!
My attention would be directed to the leaches of Washington DC, you know – the lobbyists. I would inform them to take their money somewhere else. If they were being directed by foreign interests – get out of town. I would push for a lobbyists free zone – Washington DC! The majority of our Congressmen, after being in office for such a long time should be working for free! They don’t need the health care plans. Do you know there are more millionaires in Congress than any large body of citizens?
Then when the next session of Congress opens, I’ll be there. I ain’t going to wait for the State of the Union. I’m going to look them in the eye and tell them to get off their fat, money stuffed asses and do something – something for the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Stop thinking about money, special interests and start thinking about our nation as a whole. They’d better remember the old saying, “What’s fair for the gander is fair for the goose!”. Congress needs to find their pension is now resting in the hand of the Social Security system they have continued to rob. They will find they are covered by the same insurance system our Armed Services are covered by. And I will call for term limits. No one should have power for as long as many of them have. They’ve forgotten where they came from and who they work for. Where else does a servant make more money, better benefits than the master? Congress is the SERVANT of “WE THE PEOPLE”! Even if I piss them off and they all unite against me, well at least I will have united Congress on something!
Next I’d be for getting rid of the Federal overseeing of our education. This needs to go back to the States. We’ve got too much Federal government peeking over our shoulders, pass more responsibility to where it should be. One thing I would direct to be taught is the Constitution. I would push for everyone in the beginning of their highs school required to know this document – no passing grade, no graduation!
Borders, Language, Culture! These are the things which define a nation. I wish I’d thought of it, but I didn’t, it was a great man called Michael Savage, radio talk show host, author (most recent: Government Zero, No Borders, No Language, No Culture)! You want to immigrate to the States, then you NEED TO LEARN ENGLIGH! Why are we publishing election ballots in different languages? English should be made our national language! There’s nothing wrong with coming and sharing customs from another country, but just remember where you wanted to live, work, study. I would put the border States on notice, they need to be assisting the Border Patrol in securing our borders, get their Nation Guard out and assist. Illegal persons will be immediately sent back. Yea, I know a lot of businesses rely on illegal help, well get it squared away, get them legal, get them seasonal work permits. Get some control over the situation. Again as I see it, it’s mostly the money grubbers behind a lot of what we got now. I have nothing against legal immigration, that’s what the rules and regulations are for. We got enough laws on the books, we just need to start enforcing them! And just because you’re born here while mom and dad are on vacation or whatever, that doesn’t automatically make you a citizen!
The welfare system we got today will no longer be. Yes I admit there are those who really are in need, but then there’s the professional welfare milkers! If you want on welfare, then you will first be required to take a drug test to sign up, then random checks there after. If you fail, you’re gone. Those on welfare will be required to do community service, a minimum of 20hrs a week. You got kids – no problem we got enough people on welfare to open child care. There’s all kinds of jobs to be done in our communities. I learned early in life, if you want to eat, you got to work.
I was in the fifth grade the first time I heard the word “allowance”. I was with a group of boys and one asked me how much allowance I got. I looked surprised and asked what that was. He explained it was the money I received from my parents every week for cleaning up my room, making my bed, chores around the house. I replied, “I don’t get money for things I got to do around the house, those are my responsibility.” The kid looked shocked and asked me how I got my spending money. I said I had to make an arrangement with my Dad to do extra work for money. Also the things I wanted weren’t the things he wanted, so I had to pay for them. This came as a surprise to the other boys. I learned early nothing in life was free – I guess these other boys are ones ruining, I mean running our country today!
Yea, if I was President I’d probably piss a lot of people off, but some of you could look on the bright side: After I wanted to close the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank and has nothing to do with the federal government except take our money) and returned the finances of our country back to the Department of the Treasury (what are they for anyway), and get the people to rise up and demand term limits for Congress, someone would probably have me shot and return everything back to what we got now!
Just think, we’ve got an election coming up this next year. Many of you will not vote because you don’t think it will make a difference. Well all I can say, if you don’t vote, don’t talk. And when you do vote, don’t be a Democrat or Republican – BE AN AMERICAN! I hope I’ve pissed some of you off and got your dander up to write some rude, obnoxious replies, at least that way I know I’ve touch a bone!

One thought on “IF I WERE PRESIDENT

  1. I think you should come home nd run for President. I think one reason some persons say they are not going to vote is because of the poor choices that are running. I definitely know who I don’t want but can’t figure out which of those left might be acceptable.

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