At times when I’m driving down the road, my brain becomes so full I just got to get some place to empty it out, well today was one of those days!
I’m not the perfect driver, never claimed to be. Yea, I’ve probably pissed a few people off, but no one has ever contacted me, so I guess it can’t be too bad. Driving here in Denmark as been something else, I’ve learned a lot about people, situations and life.
The speed limit on most roads is 80kmh (about 50 for you mph people). This morning as I am relaxed, driving 80 on cruise control, zoom, zoom, two cars go past me like I’m standing still. It use to bother me, but not anymore. I’ve come to understand that early in the mornings Danish driving laws are not in effect – there are no police out on the roads patrolling! Everyone knows that, so early mornings there is no speed limits! I’ve come to learn I am usually the slowest one on the roads, I guess because I need my driver’s license for work and I’m use to Idaho, where the cops can be sitting in the dark and ambush ya! You’d think I’d learn, but old habits are hard to break. Also in Idaho, speeding tickets(and other tickets as well) are also tied to your vehicle insurance. You get tickets, you pay twice – once to the State, and again to your insurance company. This has a tendency to make people slow down a bit as it takes about three years to clear a ticket from your insurance, and that can become expensive after a while. It’s a double win, insurance companies make money, the State collects fines. Double loose for the driver!
The best thing I like is the bicycles, ya just got to love ’em! Winter time is the worst, I try to stay clear of any cities. Many people become stupid in the winter time, I think it is because of the long dark winter nights. Many days it’s overcast all day so there’s not enough sunshine to stimulate people’s brains. I see many bicycle riders with a little blinking light on the back, but nothing on the front. I wonder how they expect on coming cars to see them, I’m guessing that thought never crossed their minds. I also like the ones riding in town – it’s not dark, there’s street lights, so everyone can see them! Then there’s good old farmer Joe who doesn’t figure anyone will be on the road so he has no lights at all!!
Summer time is a little better, at least the days are longer and you can see them, clumps of them all over the road! I’m guessing they pay more road taxes than I do because many of them ride the roads like they own it. When I was a kid riding a bike, I was taught to ride on the right side of the road – going the same direction as traffic, ride to the side of the road as cars are bigger than I was, ride single file not to take up the whole road, use arm signals when turning left or right. One great thing here in Denmark is all the money the country spends on separate bike lanes! This is a fantastic thing, get the bikes off the busy streets. This past summer I was driving on my way home and ahead of me was two bike riders, riding side by side, taking up half my lane, but this wasn’t the stupid thing – there was a separate bike lane just two meters to their right! As I slowed down waiting for the oncoming car so I could swerve out to pass them I thought to myself, “Boy, I hope this couple never plans on having kids, their gene pool is already pretty shallow!”
As I’ve been out of Idaho for some years now, I’m just assuming (bad thing to do) most driving customs are worldwide: It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s ok to stop in the middle of the road and talk out the window with an oncoming car who has stopped to talk to you. When on the freeway (motorway) and you pass someone, after you get around and in front of them, slow down so the person you passed has to either slow down or go around. It doesn’t matter if its foggy, the speed limit is 130kph and you should be able to drive it. No sense in leaving early in the mornings when the roads are icy, most of “those” people will be off the road anyway! The posted speed limit is mandatory to drive, you must not drive one mile(kilometer) under! I know a lot of Idaho drivers would do good here in Denmark because there aren’t many stop signs – no tickets for those “California” stops here! I learned early on if you stop at an intersection, look both ways before proceeding, people get pissed off – they blow their horns, blink their lights, wondering what you’re stopped for!!
I’m ok now, my brain has been emptied for now, so I can go back to work!!

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