Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading some of the “stuff” that pops into the head of this crazy old guy. I write pretty much how I feel and what I feel. I try to avoid being politically correct as I see no sense in it. But that’s not this writing (unless my title offends you). This one is a little about my past year.
Many times I feel as 2015 has just begun, but suddenly I find myself in December and realize the year is gone. I have no idea where it went but it did. I guess the old say of “The older you get the faster time flies” is true.
2015 is somewhat of a mile stone for me, I was 59yrs old this year, thus I had to get my retirement packet put together so I can begin to draw my hard earned Army Reserve retirement pay. I spent 22yrs, 4 months, 18 day (according to my records) of my life defending my country and trying to get set up for when “I get old”! Putting this packet together has really had an effect on me. Next year I’ll be 60yrs old! When I turned 30, it was nothing. 50 was just another day, but 60 – it’s really something for me. It’s not that I’m old, old is only in your mind, but my body does tell me I’m not 20yrs old anymore! My body doesn’t seem to recover as fast as it did before. This year I got the bicep muscle in my left arm torn by a horse, it took about 3 month to recover from that (is it because I worked every day after?), then last week I had a horse kick me down, landing directly on the elbow of my left arm. I really thought I’d broken something, but I didn’t. I did learn old bones don’t bounce so good anymore.
The summer was a little different. We had a little cooler weather than usual (global warming?) and a good amount of rain. I noticed many of the farmers around were a little later this year in the harvest.
Jette went to a fair amount of horse show. She did have a couple disappointments. She wanted to attend a big show, but two weeks before her horse came up lame. She has worked so hard, so long to get ready and then couldn’t go. It was a big disappointment. Yet she was able to attend many shows and did real well, coming home with those blue ribbons and trophies!
We make a good team. I make the money and she spends it! Na, in all reality we do have a great team. She always lets me know when she’s headed to Kolding to visit her brother(weekly) so if I need any shoes or supplies, I just phone in my order and she picks it up, really saves me a lot of time. She also is the finance minister! She pays the bills, keeps track of paying all the taxes on the business and such. I’m so lucky to have her as she does a really good job. If she didn’t do it, I’d have that headache to deal with. I am so lucky.
On the flip side, when she goes to horse show, I am home to take care of the horses and dogs. Once we went to a big international horse show and got someone to watch the place. When we got back we found a party had taken place in our house – last time. I’ve change my work schedule around so from around March through October when she want to go to shows, I am available to take care of the place. Then winter time is my turn to take off. Some people don’t seem to understand, but our animals are OUR responsibility and we take it very seriously!
I took my usual ten days in Portugal. It was a relief to get away from horses, customers and telephones. I got a friend who lives in the mountains there, so it is always a relief to visit the mountains again. I think this is the biggest thing I miss about Idaho!
I must say I’ve got a great bunch of customers and horses to work on. Many I’ve had for years, some I’ve just acquired. Because of my physical condition, I’ve learned where my daily limits are and I don’t work over them. If I don’t take care of myself, no one will. I’ve had many challenging cases this year. After so many years as a farrier there are still new things to learn and problems crop up that still make me scratch my head!
Next year will be here soon and I’ll do the same thing, wonder where it’s gone, except I will get over 60yrs old (God willing). I hope each and every one of you have had a great year and that next year will be full of fun, surprises, family and joy. May God Bless everyone of you and your families!


  1. Always having a nice time reading your posts. We enjoy being one of your customers and having known you for so many years. Merry Christmas and happy new year🎄

  2. Thank you for sharing your year with us, Mike. I really enjoy having you around my horses now and then. You are allways right on time, even if it is 5.30 in the morning.
    Merry Christmas and a great 2016 – hopefully one more year alive and in good shape. What’s the alternative??

  3. Mikel, this post is better than a Christmas Card. I too don’t send cards anymore but do think of my family and all those loved ones that have been with me most of my life. I will be 84 this year so you are still a “kid.” Time does go faster as you age but I believe if I got up earlier I would get more done in a day. My getting up early days are in the past and my work each day is short. I enjoy living close to my immediate family and miss all those who were close to me for many years. God Bless you Mikel in all you do and keep writing stories for all of us. You have had many exciting experiences in your young life and it’s fun to hear you tell about them. As always, cousin Jene

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