I am so fed up of these supposed internet programmers who think they know the best way to do things! Once in a while I wish some of these geeks would get out of their little cubical and ask us common people something or just listen to us!

Just because I reside in Denmark at the present, when I type in, or what ever search engine, I don’t get what I want, I get the Danish version, because some geek thinks he/she knows what I want. If I wanted the Danish version, instead of typing in .com, I type in .dk. I think most people using the internet now days understand this concept! But the geeks know much better than we do! And it doesn’t matter which search program I want to use, I can’t get the .com version I want unless I search the page, find a place to change language and do it. Why not make it simple, just give me what I want!

Here’s another one. I’ve got a really good book keeping program I’ve used for years called Quickbooks. It has functioned pretty good. The programmers actually thought someone might live somewhere else and use something beside dollars!   Then they screwed up royally! This past year they came out with an update which now when I send my bills out a link comes up on the body of the e-mail telling the customer the amount of the invoice – BUT IT’S IN DOLLARS! The rest of the program I was able to change my currency to Danish Krone, but I can’t change this. I’ve talked to the support people (actually not, wrote them an e-mail) explaining the problem, but all I get is, “Oh I’m so sorry, but that can’t be changed”   So why didn’t these real smart geeks make this line of code to inter-phase with the way I got my program set – to Danish Krone? It seems to me whoever did this must have had his/her head stuck up the place they are sitting on. I mean even a computer stupid guy like me can see through this and figure it out. So why can’t Intuit get their smart geeks to figure it out?

If it wasn’t for the geeks we’d have no internet to post this on. But then we got the hackers. I’ve figured out we got the hackers to just let the geeks know they’re not so smart. The hackers punch, probe and screw with the system just because they can and someone said they couldn’t. Then the geeks got to try to figure out how they did it and plug the holes. Then the hackers are at it again. Around and around we go – where it stops nobody knows.

Well I guess we’re doomed to live with the geeks, but I sure wish the geeks would stop and put themselves in our shoes once in a while, or even just listen to us once in a while instead of thinking they know what we want.

On one closing note. Of all the computers I’ve had or carried, Dell is top of the list. I carried a Dell laptop for a year deployed in Kuwait/Iraq and it never stopped. When I got back I took it to the geeks. They opened it up and began to shake it. As a ton of sand, dust and stuff came falling from the computer I actually got to see some geeks amazed it was still working. That’s the reason I bought a Dell laptop for myself. I made the mistake of buying a different brand after the hard drive went south on my Dell and I am sorry for that. After installing a new hard drive my Dell is once again doing it’s thing. I will never stray from a Dell again.  They got some good geeks and engineers working together.

So much for the ramblings of a non-geek.