Dreams. We’ve all had them. Some of them are really goofy with things happening so crazy I wonder how they ever got into my mind. Then there’s the ones you wake up scared out of your mind, the nightmares. Once I woke up on my knees pounding my pillow with my fists. Scared the wife and dog so bad they left the bedroom. I hate those and fortunately I’ve had very, very few of those. Then there’s the dream that is so real when you wake up you wonder – was it real, did that really happen? It’s one of those you think about the entire next day and maybe longer.
One night I was walking on a road when all of a sudden I raised my arms straight out, bent my knees and jumped into the air! It was so easy. As I started to move through the air I could feel the warm wind on my face. The moon was full so I have a fantastic view of the land. I was so amazed how light it was out when not too many lights were on and there were no cars on the road. I looked to my left and then to my right and smiled. I remember the feeling of it was so amazing to be doing this I was so shocked it was really happening. Looking down I started to follow a road as I wanted some way to navigate around. I followed the road for a while. I guess the main thing I remember was the feeling of the warm, yet cool breeze flowing over my body. Every once in a while I’d go through or around some clouds and it was kind of exciting for a second not seeing where I was then I’d break out in to the moonlight again and look at the scenery below. It’s very hard to describe the feeling. It was a sense of being very much at ease, I wasn’t afraid or really shocked I was flying. The stillness of the night was over powering. I remember I could move my hands and I’d change directions. After what seemed like a “while” I turned around and was headed back. I gradually descended until I touched down and then I woke up in my own bed. I got up and looked out the window and saw a full moon night. The night was exactly as I remembered. I looked at Jessy my dog, who slept in the bed with me. She had a kind of look on her face, “Did you have a nice time?” And I guess it was the look on her face that really scared me. Was it real? Did it really happen? Did I have an out of the body experience? I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. As Jessy moved next to me I laid there the rest of the night with my hand on her just so I had a connection with reality!
That experience haunted me for some time after. I thought about it a lot and tried to make sense out of it. I tried to figure out if it was real or was it just a dream. To this day I have no idea. That was three years ago. In the time passing I’ve been flying two more times. The next two times weren’t as real as the first, but they weren’t goofy dreams. They made sense if you can say that. I guess the reason I had to write this down is because this morning I woke up and the first thought I had was, “I haven’t been flying for a long time.” What an odd thing to say to myself.
I’ve often thought about that first time and have wondered a few times where I went, if I indeed did go somewhere. I am so glad I haven’t found the road I took off from. I guess if I went walking during a moonlit night and came across a place which looked remotely like it I don’t know what I’d do. If I found the place, then I’d have some proof it was real. I guess in the back of my mind I don’t want to find out if it was really real or not.