There’s been a lot of discussion on the Ferguson, Missouri incident as of late. On Facebook I frequent a group in Denmark. In one of the posts I put up I added this link:
The immediate response I got was this: “It never fails! When you have a deep seated problem, one that is divisive and polarizing, you can always make it worse by adding religion into the mix.”
If one reads the article it talks about how the values of this country have gone down the drain. He is not preaching one religion over another, he’s talking about values. It’s not about race, it’s about good against evil. Stop and look at how so many gave no care about what the problems were, all they wanted to do was loot, burn and not get caught. Maybe some religious values need to be brought back into our society. Values of what the Ten Commandments stand for. Values of respect for others and their lives. Taking the time to guide and direct the youth of this country in a direction which will better us all.
I grew up with my parents taking me to church and learning right from wrong. I was taught how to respect other, authority, my elders, my parents, my wife. I’m not saying if you don’t go to church you can’t learn these things, but by being in this setting and establishing a good foundation for my life, I feel it was important.
I remember going to school and a prayer was said every morning at the beginning of the day. I remember saying the pledge of allegiance every morning in my first class. It was something we were proud of. But today the tide of times have changed. I even see pictures of our first lady standing with a discussed look on her face, no hand over her heart during the playing of our national anthem. What message does this portray to the citizens of our country, especially the young and impressionable?
Looking at the pictures on tv, it is clear there are many who have forgotten what morals and values are. What good and evil are. But I also have to say, there are many reports of those who saw no race, but stood up for what was right. Many toed the line to protect their neighbors and their businesses. So clearly there are many who understand what good core values are.
So to the man and those like him who’s quote I used, I hope you re-read the article and especially the last three paragraphs which sum up the article. I hope there are those who disagree with me and post it but before you do, read the article and completely understand what he is trying to say, then disagree.


Was justice served to a police officer who shot a young black man in Missouri, I’m not going to comment on that. What I am going to comment on is the responsibility of us as citizens, responsible people, and actions which have been taken.
As I watch on CNN the reports they have done after the fatal shooting, the time between and after the grand jury came out with its finding it is clear there has been a lot of mistakes made. Is the news media today really reporting the news as it should or is it reporting the news as it wants the story to be told for the effect they want?
Not long after the Missouri shooting there was a shooting in Utah but the circumstances were just the opposite a black officer shot a white twenty year old. But because of the lack of public hype from the news media, president, justice department, and those who want to pit our different societies against each other, there was no big deal. There was no rioting in the streets and others didn’t get hurt.
We’ve watched how after the verdict was released people went stupid. They had the gall to burn down businesses in their town and ruin the lives of people who were never involved in the situation. Who or what gave these people the right to loot, burn and destroy the lives of others just because they never got what they wanted? And when it really comes down to it, just how many of the people who were doing the looting and burning were really from the town and area? And if they were from the area, what does this say about the way they were raised, their moral standards and how they perceive the responsibility they have to their own community? Does this kind of behavior really solve anything? Looks to me like most just wanted an excuse to get out and cause damage and steal. I have nothing against people wanting to protest, protest is good, because how else will the authorities know thing are really wrong and need to be corrected? But burning, looting and destroying the lives of innocent people, this is just too much.
And will any of the news media accept any responsibility for the way they reported the news? After the verdict was read and the rioters had their way with the town, I watched as two reporters were talking about it. One reporter asked why the police and national guard did nothing, while the other reporter standing next to her commented back, what did she expect. If the police and guard reacted, then they’d get blamed for taking action. Now they did nothing and they were getting blamed for inaction. What has happened is our society as a whole has lost because of this. Our president, attorney general, news media and community leaders have set the stage for this to happen. We’ve seen double standards at all levels which should not be allowed. We’ve witnessed sloppy investigations which in this day and age shouldn’t happen.
All facets of our police/justice system needs to step up to the plate and do a better job. And what about the way our media reports things? I know for a fact news media will only report a story the way they want to report it. I think it is about time with the fast moving modes of media today that news agencies need think before they insert their foot in their mouths.
And lastly, we as the public. Where is our sense of responsibility? What gives us the rights to destroy other’s property just because we are unhappy? Does this really solve anything, no it only makes matters worse. We as people need to stop and consider what we do and what effects it has.


I have just finished this book written by Michael Savage. This has to be one of the most profound books I have read and talk about relevant, Mr. Savage has hit the nail right on the head.
Have you ever wondered why thirty years ago you saved money in the bank and there was a return in the form of interest and today there is none? Are you still saving money in the bank because you think it is save? Do you trust the current financial situation with the likes of who is running the Federal Reserve (private banking) and the international monetary fund (IMF)?
We’ve got a health care system now (Obamacare). But do you really think they have told you everything we need to know after, “You can keep your present insurance”, a promise made by none other than our president? The health care act was written in such a form for a reason, so the everyday American wouldn’t understand it and most have no idea of what is in the back ground.
How do you think Obama’s giving amnesty to over five million illegal aliens will affect our country? What really happens when so many illegal aliens are feeding from the government handouts? Obama said they wouldn’t be covered by Obamacare, but they are already overwhelming many medical systems. Do you wonder why Obamacare redefined full time work week as 30 hours instead of 40?
These and many others Michael Savage asks and provides the answers to in his latest book. I know many Democrats , Republicans and liberal do-gooders will call Michael Savage and his book a bunch of hog wash, bunk, crying wolf, but what they need to know is Michael did a good job. He has footnoted everything in the book. He has provided all the evidence to back up everything stated in the book. Want to call him on it, well read the book, read all the foot notes, then step back and think.
America, we need to wake up and see what is happening around us. We the People need to stand up and make our elected officials stand up and do the right thing. Michael has explained what and how we need to do it. If we Americans don’t stand up and take charge, no one will do it for us. What we don’t need is for people to say, “Oh, I don’t count”, or “my vote don’t mean much.”
I wonder why now so many in the Obama mafia are stirring the racial pot? And if you don’t think it’s being stirred, then look again. Erik Holder, Al Sharpton and crew have done a great job this past year. Obama has thrown in his two cents worth in other cases as well. But don’t take my word for it, read the book. Oh by the way Mr. Savage has some foot notes to back up those statements as well.
You can find STOP THE COMING CIVIL WAR on line or at your favorite book store. It’s many different formats: paper back, hardcover, e-book, so take your pick.
Yea, I know there will be a lot who will say I way over board and just shake their head and think I’m stupid. But unless you have read the book and honestly thought about it, then you have no say.


Getting back from vacation caused me to think about this subject. I got to wondering when did I first experienced public transportation? It was the train. I think it was around 1969 my mom wanted to go to Seattle, Washington to visit her relatives so I went with her. We boarded the Portland Rose in Caldwell, Idaho and headed out. It was exciting. I spent most of the trip up in the top deck of the observation car. When it was time to eat we went to the dining car. This was a real experience for me. It was first class service with first class waiters. I remember when I sat down to eat, I laid my napkin on my lap, folded in half. The waiter came by, a big man with a soft voice, “Son, that’s no way to properly use a napkin and in my dining car you need to do it right”. So he reached down, took my napkin, shook it out and placed it properly in my lap. My mother just smiled at the man in appreciation. For a farm boy from Idaho, it was great!

Well that was many moons ago. After I moved to Denmark I soon learned to travel by trains in Europe. I remember my first trip. I was traveling from Frankfurt, Germany back home. I didn’t really know the station near our house, so I picked one. It was kind of a round- about way to get home, but I made it. I soon found myself riding the trains in Denmark and Germany a lot. With some experience I learned how to read the schedules. One good thing was if you missed your train, there usually was another one not too far in the future. The best part was you never needed a reservation. You could just by a ticket and hop on. If a seat was open, you just take it and hope it wasn’t reserved. If it was, you end up standing up. I found myself a small folding chair I packed and when needed pulled it out. It was this way in Denmark and Germany. Pretty good deal. Then I took a trip to Portugal.

Portugal was completely different. You buy a ticket at the last minute for a train, you get a car number and seat number! In one way this was great! You always had a seat and you didn’t have to pay an extra price for a reservation. It works pretty well, except when it’s late at night and you go to sleep only to be woke up by the conductor who looks at your ticket, shakes his head and through his broken English explains I’ve slept through my stop and now need to get off at the next stop. So I’m dropped off in the “outback of Portugal”, it’s 0200 in the morning. I check the train schedule. One thing I’ve learned is schedules are the same everywhere I’ve been. I found I only had four hours to wait, this is why I travel with a good book!

Another great thing in Europe is the buses. Buses pick up the slack trains can’t do. They connect the small towns and it’s great. You can travel to, I’m guessing every small town in Denmark if you know the local bus schedules. Also if you know when a scheduled bus is passing, you can flag it from your house and it will top. Many times I have caught the bus at Brørup train station heading to Lintrup. Although I don’t live in Lintrup, the driver had no problem of stopping to let me off at my house. I’m not saying the “Grey Dog” won’t, but I know the Danish buses will.

I’ve also experienced the “Grey Dog” several times. I guess my first time I was at Cornell University taking a farrier course. Afterwards I was going to visit my cousin in Missouri. I’d thought about taking the plane, but I decided to take the bus. It was a great way to see parts of the country I’d never seen. Many times the bus would stop longer at places so the passengers had a chance to get something to eat or drink. Their seats were pretty comfortable, as good as they can be. And one thing, I could sleep on the bus, which I can’t do on a plane!

I also took Grey Hound from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho. I’d had my hand operated on and didn’t want to drive over the Blue Mountains in the winter as if I had to chain up, I couldn’t. It was a great trip. Yea it took a little longer than if I’d driven, but I had a chance to sleep on the bus and arrived pretty fresh the next morning. Much more fresh than if I had driven.

Public transportation is great. I’ve met so many interesting people on the bus and train, both in Europe and the States. It has given me the chance to expand my knowledge of the land and situations. I know a lot of people put a lot of stock in their own cars, and I understand it, but If you want to have a real adventure – step out and try the public transportation, it’s an experience!


I got up this morning and opened up Stars & Stripes to read this:
I was a mixture of relief and being pissed off! I was relieved the word finally, OFFICIALLY got put out there, and pissed off thinking of all the lies my government, military has put out for the past 11 years. Then I really got pissed when I stopped and began to think of my Brothers- in- Arms who were effected initially and those, who if had received proper medical treatment, would have lived better lives for the past years.
I deployed to Kuwait in 2003 as a Sergeants Major. My position was V Corps (Rear), G3 Sergeants Major. For those of you who don’t now, G3 is the Operations section of the Command post. I was in Kuwait from Feb 2003 until we moved north to Balad, Iraq (LSA Anaconda) in May ’03. Later in mid June we moved to Victory Base, Baghdad, Iraq where I stayed until my redeployment in Feb 2004.
When the war broke out I was in Camp Virginia, Kuwait. I remember one time during a Scud missile attack we had the gas alarms go off. Man, talk about a pucker factor, you couldn’t have driven a greased number ten needle up my anal orifice with a sledge hammer! Anyway we were told it was just a defective alarm and nothing to worry about. So we believe them, and who knows the truth?ii I have no evidence to dispute it.
So we move north. After I’m up north and the V Corps G3 TOC is up and running its business as usual; messages coming into our message center, orders getting written, coordination being done between the different units. In the TOC area are liaison from the different units being controlled by V Corps, 3 ID, 69 ADA, Chemical units, 11th Aviation, 12th Aviation, Medical, so on and so forth, I think you get the drift. Anyway one day while I’m on duty in the TOC a message comes into our message center that a unit has uncovered artillery shells with possible chemical agents loaded in them. It was units of the 69th who had reported it. Because there was no need for artillery at this time, most all their assets were reassigned to assist with driving much of the ammo discovered in many of the “unguarded” ammo dumps around the country. So they were providing drivers, vehicles and soldiers to assist in this task. At about the same time we received the message an officer from the 69th came over to our Operations Officer and gave him the same information. I remember as I was located close enough to hear the conversation. After overhearing the conversation, I then checked our Message Center’s log book and sure enough there it was. After that, I went about my business as the world didn’t stop over this one message.
So then after I’m home all I hear was how the war was a whole lie, how no chemical weapons were uncovered. I’m saying to myself, no that’s not true, but I don’t have the proof. All the Message Center logs are now in the hands of the U.S. Army. I would have been in deep poop if I’d kept those logs, and being the soldier I was, I didn’t.
Fast forward. It was 2011 I was sitting in a waiting room to get my Idaho Driver’s license renewed. Another guy walks in and I move over to make room for him next to me. We began to make small talk and come to find out we’ve both been in Iraq. So we talk the talk for a while. He was there a few years after me, but so much was the same. After talking for some time we sat there in silence and finally he turned to me and asked, “Did you guys find any chemical stuff?” At first I was a little surprised, because he was very guarded when he ask. I gave the north south nod. I told him of what I knew, he then proceeded to tell me how they’d found loaded artillery shells and some of them got exposed. They’d received treatment there, but when they got home their medical records somehow got lost. I just shook my head. By this time I wasn’t surprised by the cover up. But for me, it was more proof of the existence of chemical agents in the field.
Today I was relieved, pissed off, mad, disillusioned, surprised, not surprised. I’m visiting a Vietnam Vet friend and he just laughed and said, “What did you expect?” He lived through Agent Orange. He was told it wasn’t harmful, no health effects, yet it would strip a jungle over night. He talked to pilots and first hand people who were at My Lai, it wasn’t a massacre. Our government hasn’t changed.
I knew the Army and Powers to be did stuff like this, but now it has happened to me and I, well I just have no more words to express how I feel


So here I am on vacation in Portugal. Over the years I’ve found thing in Denmark I can’t buy – spam, corn beef, whole jalapeño, corn tortillas, dill pickles, Skippy, Jiff, Peter Pan, I could go on, but you get the drift.
Anyway back in Portugal. I want to do a BBQ for some friends. The marinade I want to use calls for good old Lea & Perrins Worchestershire sauce. It’s only a teaspoon full I need. If it isn’t in the marinade I can tell it. Think I can find it? Yea, John tells me there is a guy who drives a refer truck back to Jolly Old England and brings back a truck load of “stuff” to sell to all the “fish and chips” (English people) living here. I was surprise how many lived here. So we stopped and sure enough he had the stuff I needed, along with some corned beef (didn’t really need). After buying I made the statement to the guy we should have bought it from him on Sunday at the boot sale (English term for flee market). He said Sunday he didn’t have any as John and Jackie brought it over with them on Monday. I thought it was a little strange, but perhaps he’d just forgotten it while back in Jolly Old England.
Wednesday afternoon John and I are sitting outside a café having lunch when this Land Rover drives up and guess who pops out – Jackie and friend. So they sit down and have a cup of coffee while John and I continue to finish our lunch. We engaged in a stimulating conversation when somehow I brought up the subject of stopping by and buying a bottle of Lea & Perrins. Jackie’s eyes popped open and asked, “Just now”? Yea I replied and she started to laugh. “And you paid for it” she wanted to know? Sure I replied and she started to laugh. She said they’d brought it over and didn’t charge him for it. I said well I needed it for the BBQ her and John were coming to. “You mean I drove home, picked up a bottle of Worchestershire sauce, brought it back here, gave it to him to sell, you bought it and now I’m going to have it at a BBQ”? Yea, I guess that’s about right with a laugh. “You know when you and John stopped by on Monday, it was in our Rover and you could have had one for free?” Funny how things happen this way.
Things in life seems to run around in circles. I remember when I was a kid we all rolled up the cuffs of our pants. This was because Mom use to buy my pants a little long so when I grew up I’d have something to grow into. Now, 50yrs later, the style has come back! So many walking around with pant cuffs rolled up, or as I call’em high water pants.
And tennis shoes – remember the old red ball Converse tennis shoes? Well just start looking at the ground and you will see all the young kids wearing them. They think they got the style, just wish I some of my old pairs to sell back.
My Dad tells of days when all he had to wear was patched pants, or some of his pants weren’t patched. I don’t think that’s the reason I see so many running around with holes in their pants! One thing I do laugh at is those who buy pants which are faded from the factory to make them look like they’ve been working. My gosh, if I’d saved all my faded, patched, holed pants, I could have a good stash of money today selling them!
And even mobile phones are doing circles. They started out real big. Then it was to see how small they could get. Now they are getting big again. Sure they do more now than last year, but for me it’s fun to watch. I guess I’m just going to watch around a bit and see what decides to come back again. Who knows maybe I’ve still got something in the junk pile I can make some money with.


“But can I send a SMS (text message) to you”, she asked? “Sure but don’t expect a reply until after I get back because I don’t have a telephone with me”. She looked at me with a shocked puzzling look – “You don’t have a telephone with you?” “No” I replied and continued to comment, “Why do I want to talk to you on my vacation?” This customer was totally shocked I wouldn’t have a mobile phone with me on my vacation.
I guess I don’t understand some people who insist on taking their work with them on vacation. After all isn’t vacation meant to be a time you’re free from work or do I have it all wrong? Every once in a while I’m shoeing a horse I will over hear people talking about how their vacation partner was on the phone with work. Sometimes I can detect a little discuss in their voices as they talk about it. Dedicating time to family or whoever you’re with while on vacation I feel is important. There may come a time when you wish your time would have been spent more wisely.
I guess it’s the speed of the world and the almighty dollar (money) which dictates how people live and spend vacation. I think there are many people out there who really don’t have their priorities straight. Sure getting ahead and being successful is important, but is it really so important you would risk sacrificing the happiness of your family and your own well being?
Yea almost every place one goes today has wifi and is connected. It makes it so easy to take work with you. It reminds me of a couple different hunting camps I had when I was a guide in Idaho.
One camp I had four very successful business men from California. I was informed by my boss not to ask them about where they worked or what they did. They were up there to have fun and get away. I spent ten days in camp with these four guys and I never once heard them talk about work. I had Harry (ramrod of the group), tell me they really didn’t care if they didn’t get an elk, they were there to relax and have a good time. They ended up getting a couple elk, a deer and a bear. But most of all they had a good time.
On the other side of the coin there were four guys who flew in to Cold Meadows and then about 3-4 hours by horse to their camp. Each day they had arranged with an airplane service to fly in the Wall Street Journal – every day! Then someone to ride out and bring it back. Ok, they had the money, but by the end of the camp, some of these guys were stressed from reading the Journal and they really didn’t have a good time. To me it was a waste of money and a good time, but each to their own. I wonder how different these guys would have felt if they’d just told the people at the office – handle it and had a good time.
This was back in the 80’s so there were no mobile phones, but satellite phones were known. I had one guy tell me once we needed to get one. I looked at him and said if we had one, I’d strap a stick of dynamite to it and send it sky ward. He looked at me kind of funny.
Yea, I got my computer with me on vacation, but for me writing is not my day job, it is something I do to have fun and relax. I will probably write more blogs in the two weeks I’m on vacation than I do in two weeks at home. The reason I’m sitting here and writing now is because it’s raining and blowing, so John and I can’t get out and do what we want.
I think in today’s rat race more people need to sit back on vacation and watch the rats race by!


I blame it all on Jene. If she hadn’t have hounded me to write my first book, I wouldn’t be hooked on this writing bit!
I can’t believe it. Here I am on my vacation and this is the second year I’ve packed a computer to write! But you know I love it! I owe this adventure of my life to my cousin Jene. If she hadn’t politely pushed me into writing my first book and giving encouragement I’d have never stepped off the edge and took the chance.
Right after I got my first computer back in 1994 I started to write down some of my experiences as a professional guide to get used to writing and working with a computer. I’d written a bit and saved it on a 3.5” floppy disk. Someone told me I needed to back up my work on some type of external drive, so I formatted one, labeled it “Guide’s Life” and would write a little bit once in a while. But I had a lot of other irons in the fire so after writing ten- twelve pages or so, the floppy got thrown in the drawer and soon was lost in time. My job and the Army Reserve seemed to take up most of my time. I soon forgot the disk ever existed.
It was our second computer swap and I was busy getting programs and data loaded back in. This computer was different – there was no 3.5” floppy drive. Technology had advanced and the 3.5” had gone the way of the 8” and the 5.25” floppy disks. I was going through a stack of 3.5” disks to make sure they contained nothing I wanted when I came across a disk with faded writing – Guide’s Life. Oh, so that’s what happened to that disk, I thought and pulled it out. I installed it in the old computer’s drive and the noises began to tell me it was being read. Soon writing began to appear on the screen. Wow, I was lucky. Many floppy disks fail to work after time, but this one came through for me. I began to read a bit and soon realized I needed to get this transferred to the new computer, so I saved it on a USB drive and moved on.
I’d retired from the military I found I had time on my hands. I was surprised how much free time the Army Reserve had taken, so what was I going to do? That day I was looking at some documents and stuff I wanted to transfer to my new laptop and I ran across a file named Guide’s life. I opened it and started to read. Well I transferred it and began to write a bit more, this time I thought I needed to document some of my military career. I’d never really told my brother and his family what I did and so I thought this might be a good way to let them know. I knew my brother would read it, had no idea if his kids would, but hey.
One time I was talking to Jene who lived in Missouri. We were talking about the time I was a guide and I told her I had a file I was going to e-mail her so she could read instead of me telling her about it. Anyway sometime after she read it we were talking and Jene asked me, “So when are you going to finish the book?” “What do you mean”, I asked? Jene proceeded to tell me I had the start of a book and wondered when I was going to finish it. I laughed at her and said no one would read that stuff. “You’d be surprised what people will read” she said. Jene continued on and said she believed I had at least five more books in me and I was shocked! Anyway I began to think what she said, so I began to write. It was amazing how easy the words came to me. I was also lucky I’d had some writing classes in the Army while taking my Sergeant Major’s course, so I had some of an idea of how to go about it and what to do. To make a long story short, after 488 pages I was finished with Guide’s Life!
After that I soon found myself awake at nights and stuff running around in my brain. I’d wake up at night and have to write things down. Soon “Thoughts of a Crazy Old Man” was done. Currently I’m working on a couple books at once, and I found the need to do this blog thing to satisfy my need to write. It’s a new adventure in my life! If years ago someone would have told me I’d be writing a book I’d have told them they were crazy.
Well I may not get rich or famous from writing and I haven’t quit my day job, but I enjoy throwing words on paper so hopefully others will enjoy it. So once again, THANKS JENE”

If you want you can view my book at:
I also have a Facebook pages:!/GuidesLife!/thoughtsofacrazyoldman


So I’m on the road again. Through thes past 20 odd years I have travel a lot around Europe, Middle East and back to the good old U.S.A. As I was on the train yesterday crossing the great expanse of Denmark I thought back over some of the journeys I have taken.
My very first long distance trip in Europe was to my Army Reserve duty station in Berlin, Germany. It was an experience for this little Idaho guy driving a Toyota Lite-ace doing only 90 kilometers an hour on the German autobahn having no speed limit! I soon found navigating the streets of Berlin wasn’t much different than any place else. Also divers were just as crazy as most big city drivers! But at the end of the weekend I found my way back to Lintrup, Denmark with no problems. The careful prep I’d put into my map recon paid off. Later on I started taking the train, and that was a whole different ball of wax.
It took me a while to decipher the train schedules posted in the stations. First of all I didn’t read German, but then most was just times and city names so how tough could it be? I soon learned it was more than just times and city names. There were also these little itty bitty numbers sometimes next to some of the times. After standing on a train platform waiting for a train that never came, I soon learned that these little itty bitty numbers were for all the exceptions to the schedule: differences for weekend, holidays, Sundays and such. The best thing was usually if you missed a train, there’d be another one coming. I soon learned how to read the little reservation stickers above the seats. I spent many trips standing up. Then I bought a little fold up stool I began to pack just for those instances. Sunday evening headed back was especially interesting. Many times I felt like I was on a German troop train. In northern Germany was located Air Force, Navel and Army bases. Lots of the military guys got weekends off and headed home. Sunday evening they returned, so the cars were full of troops headed back. Every once in a while one of them would be a little drunk and giving the conductor some flack. Well these guys didn’t take any crap and the next stop the drunk was ejected from the train! Every once in a while I’d get into conversations with some of them. Since I’d be carrying an American Army ruck sack, we’d get soon find things in common. Sometimes I’d have a guy his exchange unit crest or rank insignias with me. One part I never got use to was the crossing from Germany to Denmark. On Sunday nights after a certain time there was no train connection between the two countries. I’ve spent many a night sitting in the cold train station at Flensburg, Germany. Winters nights were especially long and cold. If I was lucky and some homeless dud hadn’t found them, there were some hot water pipes in the back of the station. I’d have my poncho liner over me with my back against the pipes. This was great – you just couldn’t go to sleep due to the unsavory types coming around the area! I put up with this for ten years.
It is always a new adventure going to a new country. Learning how to decipher the schedules and figuring out how to get from point A to point B. One time on a trip in Portugal I went to sleep on the train and missed my stop. When the conductor woke me to check my ticket he just shook his head and told me in broken English I needed to get on at the next stop. So here I was in God knows where at two o’clock in the morning in the outback of Portugal. By now I was a seasoned traveler, so I just went to the schedule and figured out I needed to wait only four hours more until the next train. This is the reason I always carry a book, a good thick one!
So once again I’m sitting for an hour at the train station in Lisbon, Portugal waiting to head north. Hey, after all it’s just an adventure and I’m on vacation so there’s no hurry!