This has to be the largest most important beginning to a sentence or a question – What if ?

I was listening to the radio and heard the song, “Born in the U.S.A.” If you listen to it, the song talks about a guy being sent to Vietnam, and what for? What if we’d never gotten involved? During WWII we sent medical personal there to give their leader a helping hand. We led them to believe we supported their quest for independence from the French who’d been pushed out by Japan. But low and behold after the war, we sat around and let the French creep back in and assume their colonial position. We even got talked into supporting the French, material wise until the French got their pee pee spanked and sent home packing by a backward third world county. Of course they got help from China and Russia, I’m guessing because the cold war had started and it was them against us, and hopefully a way to bring their sphere of influence to another country. Once again another country got divided north and south by the political powers and I’m guess a little monetary and head trip reasoning was involved. An event was created – Gulf of Tonkin and boom, we were there. I know Ike had sent some advisors in before and our presence was growing, but Kennedy was going to bring people home and something happened to him. In the end Vietnam became one country, but it was the everyday ground pounder who paid the price: over 56,000 U.S. killed and God only knows how long the effects of the war will infect the rest of them who served. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians paid the big price, and are still paying the price of landmines, bombs, agent orange and whatever else was used. I wonder, what if after WWII we’d lived up to the direction we were leaning at the time, told the French to take their toys and go home? Would Vietnam been more influenced by America’s actions of such or would they have gone the other way?   Now all of this thinking has got me to thinking about my war.

We were all up in arms over the World Trade Center deal. Many lives were lost, it was an attack on our soil by a rebel group, we were told was headquartered in Afghanistan. So our focus was put in this neck of the woods and we had a man hunt on but somewhere along the line we went astray. The Russians, Alexander the Great and others have given it a go in this country with no luck, so the U.S. decided they needed to give it a go. I could see going in and getting the bad guy, but after that, what happened to our focus. What if we’d stayed focused on our objective, got it done and got out? Maybe I’m just too simple minded. After all some of us only know how to grunt and point at the sky!

We were told Saddam, who we’d supported against Iran, gave him all types of weapons and abilities, was now in league with this other guy(but no evidence was ever presented). It was put so good the public got worked up good and plan and simple, we invaded another country. Now I was there from the beginning and got to see the way Saddam and his buddies were living and the way he treated his people. And I must say I felt good we got rid of him, but did it give us the right to do so? After I was in Baghdad for a while I was in position to see a few things. For some (not many Iraqi), Iraq became the land of milk and honey, while at the same time for others it was hell(mostly Iraqi) on earth. While for others it became the play ground for every radical dud who wanted to kill someone. They came from many different countries to exploit the people, religion, and try to assert their way of life on a people who really didn’t want them(I got to include the U.S. as well).

In all the above cases one thing a person has to do first before shooting me down is follow the money and power. In every case, for me it isn’t that difficult to follow the money. Even before we got into WWII, great fortunes were made by some very influential families doing business on both sides of the coin. Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan pockets have been lined and filled all in the name of freedom and advancing the “American Way”. I wonder what if ?

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